Travel & Tourism in Croatia

Croatia is a well-developed country in the southern Europe next to the northeast Adriatic coast. Its rich coastline brings a lot of income to the country especially during summer that attracts over 10 million of tourists each year. With that, the country generates over seven billion euros that made it ranked as eighteenth of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia that has a lot to offer.

There is much to see in visiting Croatia because the country is accessible whether through air, ship, train, and land vehicles. It has eight well-known national parks, which are protected against pollution and human development. The country’s coastlines are perfect for those who love to experience the sea and do water activities such as diving. Sometimes flotillas of yachts can be seen in the area done and sponsored by some companies to promote the breathtaking coastline stretches of Croatia.

Croatia is rich in art and culture. The city capital Zagreb is a proof of this as it has numerous art galleries and museums where popular exhibits and festivals were being held. It has lots of world-class hotels too with great accommodation for tourists who prefer Croatia as a vacation destination aside from the city’s meeting and convention venues. The Croatian government divided the country into tourist regions to know some popular tourist activities that the guest can do during his or her stay.

Croats are very proud of having the peninsula of Istria. One can find great Roman infrastructures here like Porec (Euphrasian Basilica) with its striking feature of mosaic and elegant marble colonnades. In the largest city of Istria called Pula, the amazing Arena that is the last of the Roman four side towers amphitheater with its three architectural orders are preserved. Large hotels, camps, resorts and other sports facilities can also be found in this first region. As one of the tourist regions, two of Croatia’s national parks can be found in Kvarner &Highlands. Tourists are able to enjoy great sceneries here with its tall mountains where guests can enjoy overlooking the nearby islands. It also has a virginal nature that nurtures animal species like bears. Though under repair, visitors can still access the central Croatia where they can do a pilgrimage in the Marian shrine in Marija Bristica, view the Lonjsko Polje nature park and see the wonderful cultural architecture of Baroque churches in the area.

There are four tourist cities that can be found in Dalmatia, Croatia. Zadar is known to be the yachting paradise because of its uninhabited islands. The place’s main attraction is Croatia’s national park, the impressive Paklenica karst river canyon. In Šibenik, tourist might find Krka National Park interesting with its waterfalls and nearby religious monasteries. It is also a popular yachting region too. Diocletian’s Palace, which is a Roman unique heritage, can be found in the city of Split. Vineyards and wine are also renowned in this area because of its small town called Primošten. Druvovnik is very famous Croatian region with its various attractive areas like the historical Korcula and the forests of Mljet.

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