Vision Hotel Apartments Abu Dhabi

It is a rare thing indeed to find a hotel that has the full approval of just about everyone who has stayed there. Just spend some time on the many websites devoted to finding a hotel – wherever it may be – and see how the opinions differ from people giving 1 out of 10 to people giving full marks, or very near to that. Different people have different needs, and opinions that vary between the glowingly positive to the outright negative. Even within Abu Dhabi, a city dedicated to hospitality, some of the most highly rated hotels have people who simply did not have a good time when they were there – this can be due to the setting, the staff, the food or the décor, plus many things besides.

So the fact that the Vision Hotel Apartments seem to have great reviews, uniformly, from people who have stayed there is something quite out of the ordinary. Where other hotels get marks varying between terrible and excellent, the only variation between marks given to Vision Hotel Apartments seems to be that some consider it almost perfect, while the others go further than that and deem it perfect. That is something that very few locations can lay claim to, and it is something that will give any traveler confidence that booking into this hotel for a holiday or business trip will guarantee satisfaction. Just imagine that – a hotel that is rated so highly that you can be sure of having a great holiday.

So, what makes the Vision Hotel Apartments so good? Is it a place that makes for an excellent one-night stay? Well, yes, but those who have stayed there for longer are of the opinion that it just got better. The price averages out (on a year round basis) at less than $400 a night, but booking at the right time could well see you getting a price much lower than that. Compared to some of the hotels in the city, that is a price that is hard to beat, and for that amount you get more than you could expect. The staff and customer service is uniformly excellent. Not only do they help you with your luggage, but they give the impression that they are doing so out of a desire to be helpful rather than a duty.

This {Abu Dhabi hotel} is located in an excellent place, being well situated for the city itself. Being within walking distance of the Abu Dhabi mall means that even if you are traveling light, without even a hire car, you can use the Vision Hotel Apartments as a base from which to get to the city’s hot spots. But if you simply wish to kick back and relax, the rooms are ideal for that purpose, with a full ensuite kitchen and washer-dryer. There is a fitness centre which although small is kitted out superbly, and allows you to look out over the city with its marvellous panoramic skyline. Look as hard as you can to find any site on the Internet with a bad word about the Vision Hotel Apartments, and you can be certain that it will be futile – this is a hugely popular, affordable hotel.

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