Visiting Abu Dhabi’s Famous Places

Abu Dhabi is one of the modern cities in the United Arab Emirates next to Dubai. If you want to make your vacation or holiday trip in Abu Dhabi memorable, you should get a taste of its nightlife. There are many activities to choose from and many places to go to if you are seeking an after-dark party in this great city.

Bars and clubs that serve alcohol are hotel-based. So if you want a taste of alcohol for nightlife, the best place to go to is the hotel. There are hotel-based nightclubs that provide great entertainment for the residents of Abu Dhabi and most especially the tourists. There are live bands performing and other entertainers. In some, there are belly dancers and authentic Arab music playing to entertain the guests.

If you are a nightclub, pub or bar aficionado, popular choices for nightlife destination include Harvester’s Pub at Sands Hotel, The Sheraton Resort and Towers, The Tavern, Le Meridien’s Gauloises Club. These are some of the high-end clubs which are based in hotels where tourists and elites usually flock for some premium entertainment, great music, amazing band performers; DJ’s spinning the latest hip music and lots of alcohol, beverages and food.

For a taste of Arab culture, you can decide on an Arab club where there are belly dancers and Arab music playing. In some, there are Arab performers and Arab famous artists who are performing live.

For those who prefer U.S. bars, there are great places for nightlife that you can visit such as the Crowne Plaza, Hemmingway’s, The Jazz Bar in Hilton, The Abu Dhabi Grand’s Island Exchange and The Tequilana Bar. The Abu Dhabi Grand also offers a taste of Irish-themed nightlife. These are just some of the nightlife spots for people who want something to suit their night mode standards.

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi during its winter months, you will experience the city coming to life with live stage shows, themed nightlife and food festivals. Nightlife in Abu Dhabi is not just all about drinking and listening to loud music. There are cultural and amusement spots that you can visit during the festival months for a taste of Arabic festivities.

Famous world-renowned artists usually have concerts in some big venues found within Abu Dhabi or sometimes, in the hotels. It is best to check out the schedules and ads to see who will be the next big personality to hit this city.

To experience the very soul of Arabia, you can choose to watch stage plays, classical musical programs and operas called “mhefils” for a classical and out of the ordinary fare.

Current favourites are the English pubs and bars. They keep Abu Dhabi nightlife up to date and modern. You can dance all night long and drink with your friends for an absolutely fun party or you can jam with the live band and showcase your singing talent in front of the crowd. Some performers allow the party goers to participate in their gigs.

When you are going out to experience the Abu Dhabi nightlife, remember not to wander the streets drunk. The best thing to do is not to drink alcohol if you are going out in the streets of Abu Dhabi. Remember that Arab culture is different from the other countries and they have laws about drinking. Punishments are usually serious if you are caught drunk in public.

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