Where To Enjoy Your Night in Abu Dhabi?

Since Abu Dhabi is a very modern city of the United Arab Emirates, there is immense scope of finding nightlife out here. This is also true of most other cities of the UAE. You can take the pleasure of nightlife in all cities except Sharjah. That city still has a long way to go to develop its nightlife.

Nighlife in Abu Dhabi is mostly related to bars and wineries. There are many bars in the city, which give you a taste of the nightlife out here. To experience nightlife here, you have a choice of many bars in some major hotels, English pubs, discos and clubs. Nightlife in these discos includes musical nights with both local and international DJs spinning the latest music for your benefit.

If you are looking to add more spice to your nightlife experience in Abu Dhabi, you could even decide to visit the local nightclubs that are teeming with nightlife. These nightlife joints stage live performances Arab singers and belly dancers. Tourists flock these places for a taste of authentic Arab nightlife!

You have a huge choice of nightlife bars out here. English bars and pubs are the current favourite here, among nightlife seekers. Nightlife in Abu Dhabi is mainly centered round the hotels, as they are the ones who serve the most alcohol. Hotels catering to Abu Dhabi’s nightlife offer many live performances by some famed local and internationally renowned singers.

The Harvester’s Pub at Sands Hotel, The Tavern, The Sheraton Resort & Towers, Le Meridien’s Gauloises Club are some of the tremendously up-market hotels that offer great nightlife. But these hotels also insist on a strict dress code.

There are also a variety of US bars in Abu Dhabi, which offer great nightlife. You have Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi Grand’s Island Exchange, Hemingway’s & the Jazz Bar from Hilton and the Tequilana Bar. To give you even more choices of nightlife, the Abu Dhabi Grand also offers you a taste of an Irish pub, which is hugely popular in that area.
The Cabaret is one of the most important ingredients of Abu Dhabi’s nightlife. If you want to experience nightlife to the maximum extent, you should visit Abu Dhabi in the winter months. The city comes alive with food festivals, themed nightlife, live stage shows and what have you, offering a nightlife experience few other cities do!

Nightlife-specific hotels have performing artistes from every nook and cranny of the world to give out their exotic tunes and elate the audience. So you get a fabulous experience of nightlife here, plus you also get to hear some of the best groups perform live!

If you are a nightlife seeker looking around for more classical fare, you could visit any of the numerous plays, operas and classical musical nights, also called mehfils. These are great places to be, as they show you the very soul of Arabia!

To make most of your nightlife while in Abu Dhabi, it is advisable to go through websites in advance, to gain all the required information. You could also ask your travel agent about the best spots to enjoy nightlife in Abu Dhabi and book for these in advance. Doing this would let you enjoy a hassle-free trip and let you take in all the sights, smells and sounds of beautiful Abu Dhabi!

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