When Travel To Abu Dhabi

Before you rush up and get that trip ticket to Abu Dhabi, it is very wise if you familiarize yourself with the weather first. This is actually a very common rule if you are planning to visit a certain place. This will give you a good tip on what to bring on your trip.

Generally, the weather in Abu Dhabi is relatively good all throughout the year. Abu Dhabi prides itself in having clear and brilliant skies every day of the year. Rainfalls are very rare in UAE’s capital city. Because of this, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

During the months of June throughout September, Abu Dhabi’s weather is generally hot and humid. Around these months, the temperature lies around 40 degrees Celsius. These are usually the times where you can experience some sandstorms. Because of the dusts that come from the sandstorms, you will not see clearly from a distance. So if you’re planning to go sightseeing, this is quite a bad season for you to go for a visit. However, aside from this problem, generally, you can see clearly from a distance.

If you want to visit Abu Dhabi in a much cooler weather, take the trip around the months of October until May. Usually the temperature around these months varies from 10 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. It rises up to around 48 degrees Celsius during the summer. At this time, you don’t have to worry much about getting sweaty all over or getting your skin burned. If you are planning on taking a vacation, better go in around these months. It will make your vacation a lot more comfortable and fun.

But if you want to know what part of the month you can be able to enjoy your visit most, it will be the months of January and February. Basically, these are the coolest months in the city. You will experience a cool breeze from time to time so you will have a more comfortable time roaming around the city. During these cool months, the temperature runs around 13 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees during the day. You can even go around during the day without worrying about the sun.

Usually, it is more fun to go out at night in Abu Dhabi rather than during the days. Although it is very hot during daytime, the weather becomes the opposite during the night. It is very cool. That’s why night activities are very nice to attend during these times.

With new technology, the hot weather in Abu Dhabi is not really a problem. With different types of cooling systems, you can be assured that your trip to Abu Dhabi will be very comfortable. So don’t get distressed with the hot weather in Abu Dhabi. It is actually very pleasurable to take a trip to the city. What you should about is getting the right clothes and other stuff that will match the weather. When you want to visit Abu Dhabi in a warm or cool weather, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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