When Travel To Croatia

An ideal vacation needs an ideal weather. It’s the reason why we always look for any information that might help us whenever we’ve decided to spend our holiday event with our family in a particular country. The activities that a person can do depend on the type of weather the country has, as vacation is more fruitful when done with a great climate. The Republic of Croatia’s climate varies depending on the nearby Adriatic coast and the type of winds it could offer, bringing a fantastic weather to the country of Croatia everyday.

Just like any other European countries, Croatians also experiences four seasons when it comes to its wonderful climate. And although unnoticeable, Croatia’s weather is different between the north and south Adriatic coasts caused by the north Adriatic in times that it almost touches the Alps. As a country near tourist spots like the beach and parks, everyone is benefited when Croatia’s weather is in moderate climate brought by the warmth of the sun. This weather is ideal for those who want to take a dip in the beach or take a picnic at any park and visit national parks.

The summer season in Croatia begins in the month of May and ends on September. With this season at the month of July and August, the demands for beach cottages and hotels are in its peak as Croatia is benefited with 2715 hours of sun each year. Though not frequent during summer, the northeastern wind with Croatian name of “bura”, brings beautiful weather in Croatia whether it’s in coasts or inland. Other winds that contributes to Croatia’s good summer weather is the south-wind called “jugo” or “sirocco” which brings a warm and humid wind, and local winds north-western wind called “maestral” and north-easternly wind called “burin”.

When it comes to the cold weather days of Croatia, winter is never unbearable. The North-eastern wind or “bura” brings an unpleasant weather for those who use smaller boats for any sea activity as its blowing effect could run up to six to fourteen days in the winter. Most inexperienced sailors fear the sudden blow or start of this wind as it could suddenly affect the boat’s navigation. During winter, the estimated temperature of the air is between 5 and 10 degrees and sea ranges from 8 to 13 degrees making cold months of middle of October to November a nice time for tourists to experience Baroque evenings and see some classical and pop concert in the cities of Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

In the end of November to December, it might be hard for a tourist to find the best choice of hotel in Croatia as some of the establishments are closed to prepare for next year’s summer season. On the contrary, the weather in Croatia during spring in the months of March to April is very pleasant for those who want to spend their time for outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and cycling. Though one can still spend time on the beach during autumn in the months of September and October, one may find his or herself heading to the capital city of Zagreb for a relaxing day.

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