Where To Buy Stylish High Heel Shoes in Singapore

High heel shoes have always been popular for women, making the legs longer and leaner and making the overall appearance more elegant. These years, high heel shoes are incredibly fashionable all around the world, with all the leading shoe brands releasing extremely high platforms in their collections. Let us see how these go down on the Asian market and where you can get to find high heel shoes in Singapore.

Singaporean women, just as their Japanese and Korean counterparts are crazy for all high heel shoes, especially those, which are from well-known high-street brands. We can say that all the high street brands are happy to deliver their shoe collections to Asian market, especially taking those sizes in consideration, which are excessively small to sell for the average European / American market but are an average for the Asian market. As Asian women are also generally smaller, wearing high heel shoes serve for many of them as a confidence-boost.

A general problem for Westerners in Singapore is, to find shoes that fit on their feet, which are generally larger or even much larger than the average Asian feet. Therefore, we always suggest you to try the international stores first or those specific stores such as NODA, located at Raffles Place, which offers local shoes in bigger sizes.

There are several key stores of course which are great for Westerners to visit, when it comes to high heel shoes: these include Aldo, Bata or Ecco. Charles and Keith is probably the most popular Western shoe seller all across Singapore, being extremely popular for its “girly” elegant pairs of moderately high heel shoes, which look just perfect for work. The brand is also among the cheapest ones with a pair of shoes costing between SGD 30 and SGD 60. You can find Charles and Keith stores in virtually all the downtown shopping malls.

Gripz, Pazzion, Pretty Fit and Mondo, the stores of which you can get to find in Far East Plaza, Bugis Junction, 313 Somerset or at Wisma Atria, are all stores which are very popular for their shoe collections in Singapore. They all represent the Asian stereotype shoes, which look cute, girly and elegant in the same time, often including high heeled, moderately high heeled or ballet shoes in their collections.

Other stores offered for Westerners to check out include Noda, which sells plus-size shoes, Leftfoot which is popular for its sneakers, Limited Edt Vault at Marina Bay, which sells limited edition trainers, Pedder, which is famous for its party shoes or Rockstar at Orchard Cineleisure, which is popular for its great design. If you want something casual such as Sketchers, Converse head for Bugis Junction, which is the centre of casual, teenage and trendy shoe stores in Singapore.

For all the elite shoe brands, check out ION and Marina Bay Square shopping malls. Raffles, Vivo City and Marina Square are also well visited for their great mid-priced international shoe stores.

If you look for high heel shoes in Singapore, it is never the variety that represents the problem but the size. Check out Charles and Keith and the international brands first, in order to make sure there are high heel shoes in your size.

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