Beautiful White Gold Necklaces in Singapore

When it comes to best cities in Asia for shopping, Singapore is definitely the city to go. Full of huge, luxurious shopping centres and many diverse cultural shopping areas the city is always alive and shopping, even during the night! Let us see which the best places are to go when we are looking for buying precious white gold jewellery, especially when it comes to white gold necklace collections.

Before we get started to enlist all the best places and brands to go to, when looking for white gold necklace sets in Singapore, let’s see what we can know about white gold. White gold is not a type of gold but an alloy, which is made out of gold and either silver or zinc or nickel elements. Therefore, white gold only comes in 18K at its maximum quality. The interesting fact about white gold is, that it goes the best with diamonds; therefore most jewellers release their precious diamond jewellery collections are made out of white gold. In Singapore, you can get to find hundreds of jewellery brands that offer white gold necklace sets, for different price and quality. Let us enlist here some of the outstanding local brands which have a great offer of white gold necklace sets.

Goldheart is one of the major jewellery brands in Singapore. The brand offers over a dozen different sets, which comprise of a big deal of high quality diamond jewellery made mainly out of white gold. The variety of white gold necklace sets here is really great and colourful. When it comes to high quality jewellery, Goldheart is definitely a place where you should go. The brand also offers a beautiful white gold wedding jewellery line.

Lee Hwa: Being among the major elite jewellery brands in Singapore the collection of Lee Hwa is highly exclusive, containing several brands that are only sold by them. Lee Hwa offers a nice variety of exclusive diamond and white gold necklace collections from international brands. The brand is the sole trader of Forevermark Diamond collection in Singapore.

Poh Keng is famous for having many international jewellery collections in different styles, from Disney jewellery to exclusive Italian brands or even accessories you can find them all at Poh Keng. The jewellery has over 20 stores all around town and it is among the highest visited jewelleries in Singapore. You can find many great white gold necklace sets at Poh Keng.

Soo Kee is especially popular for its outstanding bridal and engagement jewellery collections. Being an elite brand coming straight from Hong Kong, Soo Kee offers over 10 different collections, coming from all around the world and you can find beautiful yellow and white gold jewellery in their collection.

The best thing about the city is that no matter where you go, you get to find a different cultural district, with authentic stores, which are also true for the jewellery. From Chinese to Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, British and all sort of international jewellery brands, there is no way you do not find what you are looking for, when it comes to finding a beautiful white gold necklace set in Singapore.

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