Pendants For Your necklaces

Pendants have always been immensely popular in jewellery. Having been originally established from brooches which ladies worn on their dresses, coats or even on their hats pendants, wearable on chain necklaces served as a refreshing addition. Pendants can have all sorts of different shape and size that makes their design extremely colourful with great possibilities for designers. As pendants can be used for multiple styles of necklaces, from silver, to gold, from metal to rubber or even leather, pendants have thousands of variations as well. Pendant is extremely famous nowadays, in fact so much, that designers have also found a way to include them on bracelets. These pendants are called charms. In our article, we will explore all the different styles and sorts of pendants for necklace and their variations sold by Singapore jewellers.

The name of pendant derives from Latin where it means something loosely hanging. Pendants and their roles in jewellery can be also categorised by their main reason to be worn by the people. If you observe these enlisted categories, you will realise how many jewellers make pendants for necklaces according to one or more of these categories:

• Simple decoration reasons: this category includes stylish and classic pendants that are worn as jewellery and also those which are worn as trendy accessories.

• Identification: In this group belong all those pendants that are to tell the world their wearer’s orientation in terms of religion, which also includes orientation towards different cultures, trends and even music.

• Protection: there are several protective sorts of pendants that are also called amulets and those sorts of religious symbols that are to protect their wearer. The Hand of Fatima is one very popular symbol deriving from Muslim religion, but we can also mention here Chinese, Indian, Native American, Tribal African and any other sorts of amulets that are worn as pendants for necklace.

• Self-affirmative pendants for necklace: These include the wearers name or initials. Many couples buy Love necklaces containing pendants with each other’s initials.

Today’s designers love to get inspiration from faraway cultures, such as African, Asian, South American tribal motives and also love amulets. You can get to see several of such pendants at top brands, such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Chaumet but also can spot them at Dior’s, Chanel’s, Versace’s and Armani’s high profile jewellery collections. Van Cleef’s pendants are also highly inspired by seasons, plants, flowers, animals. Singapore’s Chinese jewellery designers, such as Larry, TianPo, Soo Ke, Lee Hwan jewelleries also sell pendants for necklaces inspired by nature elements all the same. Tourists also love pendants with Chinese symbols and Chinese characters.

In Singapore, the biggest variety of jewelleries can be found in ION Orchard Shopping Mall along Orchard Road, in Marina Bay that can be found in downtown Bayfront area and at Millennia Walk which has some of the most exclusive jewellers in Singapore. Also, if you want to see some of the most beautiful pendants in Singapore visit one of the stores of HJ Watches and Jewellery which has some of the biggest collections of elite and antique second hand jewellery, where you can find totally unique pendants in great shape.

When looking for beautiful pendants for necklaces do not miss visiting Singapore’s own jewellers which will make sure that you will fall in love with more of them. Singapore is a great place for shopping and now it’s time for you to experience this great city for yourself.

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