Necklace Shopping Tour in Singapore

or some women, jewellery will always have relation to their fashion needs. It can be in form of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many more of them. This jewellery will make the appearance of the women will more and more attractive. With the good combination of jewellery and clothing, it will surely make the appearance of them more attractive and beautiful. Despite of rings and earrings, what makes women beautiful is necklace. Necklaces are essential for women to boost their fashion performance. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of necklaces exist. They have various designs and models which suited to not only to women’s taste, but also men’s since nowadays, the need of wearing jewellery is not for women only. By having so many varieties and designs, it is easier to find the suit necklaces for different customers’ tastes that also make the manufactures be more creative in creating new model and introducing new trends to the costumers.

Singapore as the one the famous tourism and shopping countries will also concern on its visitors fashion and trends. By offering high quality products, Singapore will embrace the visitors with so many facilities it has such as best brands, and quality products. It also applied to the jewellery it has. The jewellery, especially necklaces, is also having the best quality which has been certified by the International Jewellery Association that makes it worth it to purchase. There are a lot of necklace jewellery product brands sold in Singapore. Some of them are Thomas Sabo and SK Jewellery which has been proven to have best qualities jewellery, especially on their necklaces. Here is some of the information about the brands.

The first one is Thomas Sabo Jewellery. This products are concerning on the sterling silver material for the jewellery. It has three lines of collection to choose. They are Rebel at Heart, Glam & Soul, and the Special Addition. Each line has its own uniqueness compared to others. The Rebel at Heart line uses the darkened silver on all of their jewellery including the necklaces. The necklaces’ pendant has different model and designs to choose. Most of the designs are formed of dragon, snakes, fleur de Lis, and the most popular one, skulls. This collection is suitable for those who look for the detail and best quality jewellery. It might be also suitable for those who like gothic or dark motives. The next is Glam & Soul line. On this line, the {necklaces}’ pendants have the more cheerful designs. The designs are in form of more like in angelic themes or heart motive which is suitable for women and perfect as a gift for the one you love. The last one is the special addition. The special addition, compared to other lines, using not only sterling silver as its material, but also yellow and rose gold. The designs are quite simple. The Special Addition’s necklaces’ pendants are more in form of ornaments and round shape. Another thing which makes it special is that you can combine the pendants on your own so suit for your taste. You can find the Thomas Sabo’s necklace collection in some parts of Singapore such as ION Orchard Shopping mall, Takashimaya Shopping mall, Raffles City Shopping Center, and Marina Bay Sands Stores area.

The next brand to choose is the SK Jewellery. Just like Thomas Sabo, SK Jewellery is also one of famous jewellery brands in Singapore. However, while Thomas Sabo is concerning about the sterling silver, the SK Jewellery’s concern is more about to the gems set on the jewellery. The gem set on its collection is mostly dominated by diamonds. There are several lines of jewellery collection on SK Jewellery. The first one is cutie Disney collection where all of the collection such as necklace has the designs of cute tiny version of Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and many more of them. The next is Disney Princess collections. This collection only consists of necklace jewellery. The pendant of the necklaces is formed like a princesses’ crown as see on Disney cartoons. The next one is floral gem. As its name, the design of necklace’s pendant is like a flower’s petals. It is made of certain kind of colored gemstones that shaped to make a form of petals. The next is Italian steel. This collection uses modern steel as the material combines with creative designs of the necklaces. The last one is shima pearl. The collection uses a full of best quality pearls for the collection, as on the necklaces, the pearl is not only on the pendant, it becomes the necklace itself by rounding all of the necklaces’ part. You can find this jewellery official stores or retailer all over place in Singapore, for reference, you can find it on ION Orchard shopping mall, Marina Bay Sands stores area, Vivocity mall, or Changi Airport.

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