Cheetah Park of Namibia

The Cheetah Park is one of the most unique tourist attractions in the country of Namibia. It is located in Spier, around Cape Town of Southern Africa. There are a lot of parks in this country but this one is truly entertaining. Your Namibia travel adventure will not be complete if you have not visited the Cheetah Park. Among all other African countries, Namibia has the highest population of Cheetahs. So they make sure that they take care of these endangered species and reserve their habitat. The Cheetah Park aims to conserve the world’s fastest animal on land.

The Cheetah Park also features sand dunes, mountains, and game parks. There is a Cheetah Park operated by a family in Namibia, located in Otjitotongwe. Upon visiting the park, you will see the house taking care of the cheetahs. Their house is surrounded by fences to allow the cheetahs to walk freely along the park. Cheetahs in the park are tamed and almost act like house cats. You will be able to interact with them, touch them, and take pictures with them. Cheetahs sometimes go near the visitors and lick them. When you visit the park, you will be allowed to stay in the truck on their camp site. Most of Namibia travel tour guides never forget to bring their guests to the Cheetah Park because the experience here is truly unforgettable. Aside from being a cheetah sanctuary during mornings, this park also becomes a night club during the night. Cheetahs are fed during the night. So while waiting for the feeding time, you can visit the night club at this place and drink beer.

When feeding the cheetahs, your truck will go to the sanctuaries of the Cheetahs. Once you arrive there, you will see the Cheetahs come out instantly, like knowing that it is time to show themselves. While inside the truck, you can throw food to the cheetahs like donkey meat. Cheetahs fight over the meat thrown at them, so once they get a piece, they run off to enjoy their meal.

In Namibia, there are numerous Cheetah Parks that you can visit from the different regions of the country. In Okonjima, the AfriCat Foundation is based. This is a non profit organization devoted to conserving cheetahs and leopards. If these animals are trapped and captured by farmers, they will be rescued by the organization. They are providing house, treatment, and care for injured cheetahs and other animals. When Namibia travel groups visit their parks, they educate their visitors about protecting cheetahs as well as other animals. The foundation aims to teach their visitors including children, farmers and other people on how to take care of the animals. The foundation wants the people to be aware of the animal’s welfare.

The Cheetah Park at Harnas gives you an opportunity to go near the Cheetahs and play with them. This place takes you to the Cheetah Park through a jeep. In here, you can also feed some of the other animals such as lions, African wild dogs, lynx, and leopards. Any Cheetah Park in Namibia is truly worth the visit!

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