Touring in Damaraland

Damaraland is located in the north central part of Namibia. Damaraland belongs to the Erongo region, one of the administrative regions of Namibia. It is situated in the northern bank of the Huab River Valley. Damaraland is one of the most interesting places to see in Namibia. This region has one of the most scenic and dramatic areas in the country of Namibia. The Damaraland landscape is one of the most favorite things to visit by the Namibia travel tour guides. The wonderful landscape of the Damaraland is composed of open plains, distant mountains, grassland, water courses, deep gorges and massive granite koppies.

Damaraland and Kaokoland are also known as Kaokoveld. Damaraland is the southern part of Kaokoland. Damaraland was derived from the group of people who live in this area, the Damaras. Damaraland is one of the regions in Namibia that offers the greatest and most exciting Namibia travel experiences and adventures.

Some of the game species seen in Damaraland are springbok, giraffe, desert elephant, ostrich, and black rhino. Many species of birds are also seen in Damaraland. These animals are learning to adapt to their environment in the Damaraland in order to survive the heat that the place normally has.

When you are in Damaraland, there are numerous places that you can visit. These places assure you that you will have the best Namibia travel adventure on your stay in Damaraland. Some of the highlights in this region are The Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, Spitzkoppe, the Petrified Forest, and the Vingerklip.

The Brandberg is the highest mountain in Namibia. The famous “White Lady” painting is also a part of the Brandberg’s history. The Brandberg, or sometimes called the fire mountain because of its glowing red color when hit by the sunset. Many climbers love the Brandberg. It is one of their favorite destinations when visiting the country of Namibia. If you love climbing, Brandberg is one of the places that you will surely love when you are spending your holidays in Namibia.

The Twyfelfontein is a doubtful spring, probably one of the widest places in Africa. The great feature of the Twyfelfontein is a large gallery of art displaying different kinds of rocks. Other features that are famous in Twyfelfontein are the Burnt Mountain and the Organ Pipes. The Burnt Mountain has a pile of black limestone on its base, which suggested its name. The Organ Pipes a series of different pillars caused by erosion displayed in a small gorge.

Spitzkoppe is another famous landmark in Damaraland, and the whole country of Namibia. Spitzkoppe is a sharp head mountain. It is also familiar among climbers in town.

The Petrified Forest has been uprooted many years ago. Flooding of rivers caused the forest to be swept and covered, however was revealed by some erosions. Petrified wood are some of the attractions in this forest.

The Vingerklip is also known as the Kalk Kegel or a limestone pillar. Its limestone rises up to 35m from the base. It has a cave on the base which attracts the attention of many tourists.

There are other attractions in the Damaraland such as their Elephant and Rhino tracking safaris.

When you are thinking of accommodations in Damaraland, there are numerous places that you can choose from. Campsites and lodges are some of the usual accommodations in Damaraland.

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