The Great Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is one of the largest and oldest deserts in the whole world. The Namib Desert is protected by Namib Naukluft Park, one of the biggest conservation areas in Africa. The colorful dunes and shifting sands in the park is what tourists mostly love. The Namib Desert is one of the most popular and recommended tourist attractions of most Namibia travel guides. Namib comes from the word Nama, which means vast. This is what the people in this place are also called, the “Nama People”.

The Namib Desert has one of the most fascinating floras and wildlife in Namibia. Different kinds of plants live in this area, as well as many species of animals and insects. Some of the plants and animals found in the Namib Desert are the most unusual species in Namibia. The Welwitschia Mirabilis is one of the unusual species seen in the Namib Desert. Welwitschia Mirabilis is a type of plant that has two long strap-shaped leaves. In the Namib Desert, there are 6 vegetation areas such as the coastal region, the Outer Namib, the steppes of Inner Namib, the dunes of Inner Namib, the large river channels, and the southern winter rainfall area. Each of these areas is where some of the most unusual species in Namibia are found. The wildlife in the Namibia Desert is wide. On the region of the Inner Namib, numerous species of animals are found such as antelopes, zebras, springboks, gemsbok, and ostrich. On the northern part of the Namib Desert are animals like jackals, hyenas, lions, elephants, and rhinoceroses. The Outer Namib is a home for species of animals such as snakes, beetles, and geckos. The shore is where most species of birds are seen such as flamingoes, pelicans, penguins, and other animals like seals, jackals, and rodents.

Tourists love the quietness and calmness of this desert. But aside from these, the most popular attraction in the Namib Desert is the {Sossusvlei}, one of the highest and famous sand dunes all over the world. This is the most spectacular view that tourists love during their Namibia travel vacation. Tourists also love to hike in this desert, as well as watch the sunrise by climbing its highest sand dunes barefoot. The Sesriem Canyon is also an interesting place to see in the Namib Desert. The Sesriem Canyon has pools where you can join the little fishes swimming there. A journey to the Sesriem Canyon is a rewarding experience you surely won’t forget.

Are you up for a running challenge? This is a 5 day foot race held in the Namib Desert. This ultimate running adventure started in the Namib Desert and now is being held every year. If you want your Namibia travel vacation to be an exciting one, participate in this running adventure in the Namib Desert. There are many accommodations in the Namib Desert where you can stay during the challenge.

Some of the recommended accommodations in the Namib Desert are the Kulala Desert Lodge, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Sossusvlei Wilderness Camp, and the Desert Homestead.

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