The Beauty of Choker Necklaces

Choker necklace is an antique style of necklace, which can also be well found in Victorian collections of vintage jewellery. The unique thing about this sort of necklace is its style which represents us with a necklace, which is worn not around, but on the neck that may either include only the lower area of the neck or can even tend to hide half of the neck. Let us see how and where we can find the best sort of choker necklace creations in Singapore.

Choker necklace has always been a popular for aging ladies from the old times, hiding the skin of the neck, which is most of the key areas for a woman which shows the age. Choker necklaces were also fashionable during the French Revolution times, worn by noble women in form of a silk strap to let the world know how nobles were de-captivated by the revolutionary army. Singapore is packed with jewellery stores, which include its authentic, ethnic and its international jewellery stores too. Yet, first, we would like to introduce you to two places, which can also be considered as a sort of gold mines, known mostly by locals and those who participate actively in the jewellery business.

HJ Watch & Jewellery: This great store offers perhaps the biggest choice of second hand jewellery that also includes a high profile collection of vintage jewellery. The great deal about HJ Watch and Jewellery is, that it offers some rare items, especially when talking about limited collections of elite jewellers, not to mention the vintage jewellers which are totally unique and represent beautiful designs. Here you can get to find choker necklaces in form of the classic Victorian cameos, really often worn by ladies. At HJ, you can get to see such rare pieces of collections as the elephant choker necklace creation of Cartier among many other rarities. Find HJ Watch and Jewellery store in Far East Shopping Mall, being close to Orchard Road.

1St Jewellery: another great place for Singapore jewellery fans to go as the brand sells great quality second hand jewellery, has a huge collection which also contain several pieces of jewellery coming from limited collections of elite brands. You can also get to see a great deal of ethnic jewellery here. You can find first Jewellery at Woodlands Centre, at Geylang Road, in City Plaza and Fu Lu Shou shopping centre.

Both jewellery offer an exquisite collection of high profile jewellery and watches. Apart from these two stores, several great Singapore jewelleries, such as Poh Heng offer great collection of jewellery, with Goldheart, Larry Jewellery, Lee Hwa, Long & Co and all the elite brands of jewellers you can get to find in Singapore offering great pieces of choker necklace sets.

If you are fan of jewellery and want to find unique jewellery that is really rare and unique and you can even pair your search up with a fantastic sightseeing, then Singapore is definitely the place for you to come. The great city has a lot to offer both for shoppers and tourists and its always warm climate and great breaches also make it being one of the trendiest tourist centres of Asia.

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