Find Unique Collar Necklaces in Singapore

Singapore is world famous for its great shopping possibilities and as it is so, the city is highly visited by all those customers and even jewellery traders, who would like to find something unique in terms of jewellery. The great thing about Singapore is its great blend of different cultures. You can get to find Japanese, Indian (even the different styles and designs by regions), Chinese, Tribal, Arabic, Persian and Malaysian jewellery in Singapore, that of course also includes all the international jewellery brands that have their showrooms in Singapore. Here, we would like to represent you to the style of collar necklace and to tell you about the best places in Singapore, to find unique collar necklaces.

Singapore is packed with all sorts of different jewellery stores and each one of them offers a great quality of handcrafted jewellery. Be it ethic style or Western style jewellery, in Singapore you can find some of the best selections. Talking about the style of collar necklace, its name basically tells about its basic style. This sort of necklace is a shorter type of necklace which happens to be as long as being in one line with a normal collared shirt. These necklaces were originally invented to be worn with either evening dresses, putting more enhance to the necklace, being shorter than the average. This style also gave great opportunities for designers to come out with all sorts of different styles. The original sort of collar necklace can be worn right under the collar of a shirt for ladies, this way putting emphasis only on the mid-section of the necklace, which in this case often contains also a pendant hanging from it. Most jewellery designers have plenty of collar necklace collections and the new trend of African-tribal sort of gold necklace is also representing the collar necklace design. Beaded pearl necklaces are also mostly made to be collar necklaces.

In Singapore, all the jewellers who deal with collar necklace sets, yet let us enlist a few which represents some outstanding creations of collar necklace sets.

Poh Heng is a great brand in Singapore, because it has many showrooms all around the city and it trades with multiple jewellery brands, for many of which it is the sole trader as well. Poh Heng’s Oro22 collection represents some of the most beautiful golden collar necklace creations in fantastic contemporary designs offering most of its collar necklace creations with matching bracelets and even rings. The white gold-diamond pendants of iTrustme collection can be the best worn on collar length necklaces.

Goldheart featuring great quality collections of gold and diamond jewellery Goldheart has many different sorts of collar necklace on offer. The brand offers around 20 different collections and they can be found in Singapore’s best shopping malls.

1st Jewellery: it may seem an interesting move as 1st Jewellery is not a brand, but it’s very famous in Singapore for selling a great deal of second hand jewellery, many of which can even be considered antique or vintage. The collection of 1st Jewellery is huge and offers an especially colourful collection of jewellery in its main store.

When you are in Singapore, we really suggest you not only to visit brand related stores but also the best known second hand jewellery stores of the city, as the collections are the most colourful in those stores. You can get a collar necklace for a quarter of its original price and even you can get to see the unique pieces in those showrooms. Therefore, look around well in Singapore, because the city offers tons of great chance for you to buy your future favourite collar necklace.

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