Colorful Crystal Jewellery by Toscow

Jewellery has become a part of human civilization since the ancient history of human being. Since the ages of ancient civilization and kingdoms, people had worn jewellery as beauty enhancement. It became the symbol of beauty and wealth for people who lived in the higher castes. The trend of wearing jewellery is still alive up to this day. People, especially women are fond of jewellery. They wear, collect, and hunt for the best jewellery they ever can find. In Asia, India becomes the most popular destination for jewellery hunting for its uniqueness in ornaments and designs. The Eastern Asian Countries are also top destination for jewellery shopping for the new contemporary designs the countries have.
br In Singapore, the place in which many cultures blend and live together in peace, finding either ethnical or contemporary jewellery is not difficult. Hundreds of retails and showrooms are established by hundreds of jewellery manufacturers coming from all over the world. One of well-known jewellery brand in Singapore which has a base in Australia is Toscow. Established in 1984, the brand is a five-star provider for elegant jewellery made of crystal and the other precious gemstone.

The headquarter of the company lies in Sydney, from which quality necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are distributed to more than 30 countries around the five continents. Started as a small workshop in the downtown of Sydney, the brand has grown into an international brand with large network in the jewellery and accessories business.

Being unique, not only does the brand open inland stores in big cities of different continents, the brand applies different marketing strategy by embracing more than 50 international airlines as the “flying retail” of Toscow’s products. Exclusive catalogues are integrated with the menu book in popular five-star airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Thai Airways. Frequent flyers of the airlines can choose their preferred jewellery and order it during the flight. It is a very practical choice for businesspersons who are always tight in schedule and not having enough time to browse the inland boutiques. The products offered by Toscow are particularly colorful crystal jewellery in exquisite designs. All of the crystals are selected and polished with human hand. The cutting process involves attentive measuring and meticulous craving to get the best shape, color, and precise cut of the precious stones. The image of the crystal should be elegant, exclusive, and glamour; but, still in reasonable budget with practical choice of purchasing.

To establish ethical business and reach highest customers’ satisfaction, Toscow proudly presents the best customer service and warranty for every product purchased in any of the brand’s distribution outlet. The customer will directly get premium offer of one year international warranty from the date of purchase. So, do not throw away the receipt of your purchase because it will be used in the event that repair is needed. Each product is warranted against defects in materials or manufacturing, subject o the inspection and discretion of Toscow. The company highly recommends insurance for the shipped products to avoid any loss and damage cost.

From Singapore, this Australian brand is attainable not only in the most reliable airline by the country, Singapore Airline, but also in some inland outlets in the city of Singapore. Toscow’s products are available in some travel retails outlets in Duty Free Shops (including DFS in Changi International Airport). Here people can wait for their departure in stylish way: purchasing quality jewellery. In the famous street of Orchard Road, customers can get the brand’s products in Takayashima, 391 Orchard Road. The shopping mall offers unique experiences of shopping in Japanese-based structures of shopping centers. Other than that, the Toscow is also reachable in 01-K4 VivoCity, in the area of Harbour Front Walk. The shopping mall is the biggest shopping center in Singapore that will give not only the best experience of Toscow shopping, but also the best all-in-one shopping solution.

Choose your favorite styles! Golden necklaces for casual or formal occasions, gold rings for your beloved ones, or surprising earrings for birthday gifts are all available. Either it sparkling rare diamond, Tahitian Black Pearl, crystal, Opal, or the other colorful stone; nothing will let you down, as long as it is Toscow.

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