Mikimoto Jewellery in Sigapore

In the world’s pearl business, the name of Mikimoto has been so famous that equalize the quality pearl to the name of the brand itself. The brand is built upon long history, culture, and tradition of Japanese people, who are famous to be courageous and hardworking. The history began when the world’s first semi-spherical cultured pearl was invented in 1893. People started to realize the preciousness and the beauty of the natural gemstone, which is an unbeatable natural sea resource. Seeing a great opportunity in the business, in 1899, Mikimoto first jewellery store was opened; answering the curiosity and thirst of the global customers upon great quality jewellery stone. As the result of the company’s hard work, in 1905, the world’s first spherical cultured pearl emerged to be a creative creation of the company, followed by the establishment of the gold factory for the brand.

The expansion of the business led the company to open its first overseas store in 1913 with the new establishment of the farm for the luxurious Black South Sea pearl in the following year. The history of glory goes year by year. The company is trusted to be the official provider for many historical events. Famous actresses, kings and queens, and beauty contest winners are crowned with the beautiful pearls by the brand. In 2008, finally the company created a creation, dedicated for its 150 anniversary. Now, the style of pearl has been internationalized by the company. The hundreds of the company’s stores cover Asia, Europe, and America and keep growing bigger as days pass by. Singapore now becomes the real witness of the products’ superiority as the brand’s stores are opened in the city-state.

The secrets of the company success in establishing a fine brand with the best product of jewellery using either rare pearl or high end diamond are followed with the strict philosophy and belief toward the romance of their creations. The staffs admit that to produce such a perfect quality pearl, great time and dedication are absolutely needed. The fascinating process involving the vulnerable oyster bed, the natural habitat, needs to be handled seriously before a pearl can be conceived. Without human intervention, pearl oyster actually can produce a pearl, which is basically a form of protection toward the outside irritant by secretes of layers of nacre. Yet, to be the catalyst of the process, the duplication of the natural processes can speed up the whole natural happening. A special method is applied by Mikimoto to form beautiful and lustrous pearls. With such great effort, the quality products are manufactured with deep spirit of craftsmanship.

The designs of jewellery by the company are extraordinary. Combining the contemporary styles which are popular in the modern society and the highly traditional value of timelessness; the designs of jewellery produced by the company are unbelievably perfect and accurate. Nowadays, there are hundreds creations of jewellery starting from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and special pearl crowns for special moments. New designs are always invented to avoid boredom. The combination of creations using colored stones and new form pearls is a way to preserve the top rank in the customers’ heart. As the symbol of purity and elegance, pearls come from the ancient world to be valued and cherished as precious stones of beauty.

Finding the beautiful collections from the exclusive creations of the company in Singapore are not difficult. The best quality services are given by the staffs in all Mikimoto stores all over the world. The store locations in Singapore are in the Centerpoint Store and Takashimaya Department store. The Centerpoint store lies in 176 Orchard Road, a very famous shopping destination in the country and the centre of high quality goods produced by popular brands. The other store is located in Takashimaya Department Store, a Japanese concept shopping mall lies in 391A Orchard Road. The collections are also available in Nge Ann City, Takashimaya Tower A, Singapore. The real romance of pearl is the real spirit of craftsmanship in jewellery making. Mikimoto, the expert of pearl gives only the most perfect pearl and the best material of gold and other precious metals accompanying the creations of the best jewellery that people can have.

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