Discover The Amazing Kay Jewellers

There are many great companies born in United States of America that is why the country is called a super power country. Most of the people are known to be the people of business. Two brothers in America, Sol and Edmund Kaufmann confidently built their own business in the corner of their father’s furniture store. In 1916, the brothers from Reading, Pennsylvania, realized their innovative idea to open a jewellery retail. Now, the business has grown largely and become famous with the name Kay Jewelers. At the beginning of its story, Kay offered the other things too, such as the originally designed eyeglasses, musical jewellery boxes, and electric razors. Following the most dominant demand from the customers and the development of the American and world’s market, it becomes the number one jewellery store in America. The number of the showroom has developed rapidly from a small retail to over 900 stores in many continents. Offering quality fine jewellery in a fine deal of pricing is just a thing; the company also offers the excellence of shopping experience through professional network of corporate and staffs. As an important division of Sterling Jewelers Inc. which based in Akron, Ohio, the company becomes the largest retail jeweller in all around US and UK.

Preserving the quality of the company’s products, Kay Jeweller works with experienced Diamontologists who are reliable to give clear guarantee and information about certain diamond that a customer intends to purchase. Every Diamontologist at Kay is trained and certified by the Diamond Council of America to ensure the qualification and the readiness of the officer. Selected by the hand of the experts, every diamond used to decorate the Kay’s products is at its best quality in terms of its carat and clarity. The more ensuring thing is that all the diamond comes with Kay’s Lifetime Diamond Guarantee, which will be explained by the Diamontologists every time a diamond purchase happens.

The featured products by the company are the collections under the brands of Leo Diamond, Neil Lane, Tolkowsky, Charmed Memories, Collections, Le Vian, Blue Diamond, Color Obsession, and so on. These products can be the alternatives of choices according someone’s personal taste. For wedding occasion, Neil Lane has exclusive collections of bridal jewellery. For people who love colorful jewellery, Colorful Obsession has wonderful collections of jewellery made of colorful gemstones. The gemstones make the collection attractive and eye-catching; bringing the wearer to the queen and king of parties. If the ready-to-wear products are not enough, the customers can try to order the personalized products provided by the reliable jewellery manufacturers under the umbrella of the company.

There are some choices of personalized jewellery platforms which are ready to make the customers’ order, according to the specified features. They are Open Hearts by Jane Seymour, Kay Design a Ring, Family & Mother’s Jewellery order, and personalized Men’s jewellery. Any product including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and others are available. There are also special styles offered such as the engraved wedding bands, initial and name jewellery, and ambigram style. Give a special surprise for your beloved ones with jewellery crafted in their name or crate a special ambigram jewellery for his or her birthday present.

Following the trend of shopping, Kay Jewellery now presents the online order for people who are living outside the states. The online shopping features are highly trustable and safe. In the Kay website, there is a link to directly connect the customers to the head quarter of the company. After passing the short administration process, the jewellery which is ordered by the customers will be directly shipped to the front door of the customer. The Kay Jeweller guarantees the quality of the jewellery along with insurance if there is flaw in the products. In some shopping malls in Singapore, the Kay jewellery gallery will kindly give the customers replacement in free of charge, if any of the diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire chips, breaks, or does not have properties which are described in the certificate of the jewellery.

Try to go to the Orchard Road in Singapore, browse the shopping malls, and visit the convenient and trustable outlets of Kay for the most wonderful jewellery you can get in your life. Be a smart customer, know what you buy. If you do not know, the Diamontologists in Kay Jeweller will gratefully help!

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