Explore Waterberg Plateau

Waterberg Plateau is a National Park located in Namibia. It is found in the eastern part of the Otjiwarongo towers in Namibia. It is one of the many tourist attractions in Namibia which often referred to as one of the most exciting places to visit during a Namibia travel vacation.

Waterberg has an important impact on the history of Namibia, especially the Herero people. It was in the foothills of Waterberg where the Herero people lost their battle against the forces of the German Colony.

Waterberg is considered as one of the Nature Reserves of Namibia. It is very accessible to almost everybody which makes it a home for some of Namibia’s most endangered species. The Waterberg Plateau has over 200 species of birds. Aside from small species of antelopes, buffalo, roan, blue wildebeest, white rhinos, and black rhinos can also be spotted in the area. You can also encounter other animals such as klipspringer, leopards, rock dassie, wild dog, lesser bush babies tsessebe, and cheetahs, but this happens very often.

The vegetation in this area is also quite abundant. Coral lilies, fire lilies, and fig trees are some of the plants that you may see in the area. Springs are also surrounding the lower slopes of the area. A rock stratum which is among the oldest can also be seen here. It was here million years ago, and dinosaur tracks will prove its age.

There are great accommodations surrounding the Waterberg Plateau where you can stay for a great Namibia travel accommodation. A rest camp is situated near the area where there are restaurants, affordable chalets, beautiful cottages, camping grounds, and swimming pools. You can relax here and enjoy the view of the plateau. Aside from the rest camp, there are other establishments offering accommodations in Waterberg such as the Bush Pillow Guest House, Wabi Game Lodge, Kambaku Safari Lodge Waterberg Plateau, and the Okonjima Lodge.

Hiking is also a great Namibia travel adventure in the Waterberg Plateau. Hiking in the Waterberg Plateau is a guided trail of about 50 kilometers. The hike is offered from the months of April up to November. Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of each month, a guided hike is offered. Hikers start the hike at the Onjoka gate on a Thursday afternoon and come back on a Sunday afternoon.

Guided walk is another activity that can be done in the Waterberg Plateau. The guide walk follows certain routes and trails. During the walk, you can see the amazing vistas of the place such as the mammals, birds, vegetation and landscape in the Waterberg Plateau.

Guided driving is also an activity that can be done in the Waterberg Plateau, as well as to the other parks of Namibia. Driving in Waterberg Plateau is conducted by experiences tour guides around the place. Game driving gives opportunity to the drivers to experience the floras and faunas in these parks. Game driving can be scheduled in the morning or in the afternoon, and can last just after sunset.

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