Find Fashion Jewellery in Singapore

If there is something which makes Singapore very popular in the world’s society, it must be because of its food and shopping experience. Since Singapore is built with the multi-cultural basis of four major ethnic groups of Chinese, Malayans, Indians, and Eurasians, then the food in Singapore are perfect. The special seasonings of Chinese food, the exotic and unique food by the Malay and Indian cultures, and the exclusive taste of people coming from western countries are gathered and blended in one place of Singapore. Surely, it seems like people do not need to go anywhere to find delicious food with various tastes. Hundreds of retails in the city environed in tens of great shopping malls are surely tempting for those who really like to find good stuff while doing exciting shopping experience. Fashion products become the first rank of things which are hunted by the city’s visitors. Clothing and accessories including fine jewellery are in the first list of this category. Fashion jewellery is one thing which will be easily found anywhere in Singapore. To known the places in which you can find great fashion jewellery, visit some of these places.

Bugis Junction
Long time ago, Bugis Street Market is the centre for the localities to get their daily needs and amenities. Nowadays, the street has become one of the greatest gravitations for the Singapore visitors. Bugis Street Market has turned into the venue for people who love to get challenges in shopping. It becomes the central for shoppers and bargain-hunters. Everything can be cheap enough if you master the art of bargaining. This market is just about everything that people could possibly want to have. There are souvenirs of Singapore, clothing products, shoes, knick knacks, and even fashion jewellery. Of course, this place is very recommended for people who are looking for merchandise of Singapore in low budget. Yet, the quality and uniqueness of the products sold in the place is quite decent.

VivoCity Shopping Mall
As the mall which holds the title as the largest shopping mall in town, the VivoCity Singapore possibly has everything that people need and want, either it is related to the daily needs or special lifestyle needs. Since its opening in December 2006, the shopping mall stays in the heart of the local people and tourist. The architectural concept, which is designed by a Japanese architect Toyo Ito, is very impressively huge and beautiful. The 1.04 million square feet area contains hundreds of stores providing the need of people to life in classy style. Fashion jewellery brands, either it is local or international, have their corners in the mall. So, not only does the place offer amazing shopping experience, it also offer complete collections of fashion items including jewellery and accessories, by wide range of brands and manufacturers.

Paragon Shopping Centre
Luxury is never far from the life in Singapore. Exclusive lifestyle and stylish way of life are supported with the availability of Paragon Shopping Centre in town. Visiting the Paragon Shopping Centre is necessary for people who are looking for luxury. The place houses many designer labels which are famous throughout the world. In the shopping area of Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre has become the most exclusive venue for people who have more budget than ordinary people. Luxurious jewellery and watches by famous designers such as Cortina, Hermes, Mondial, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, and Tag Heuer are just slight examples. It term of luxury and exclusiveness, this place will never be lose.

Knightsbridge Mall
The nobility and the aristocracy of Great Britain often tempt people. From Singapore, those things are not impossible to taste. The Knightsbridge Mall tries its best to bring out the charm and the atmosphere of Great Britain to Singapore. This mall is one of the newest great shopping mall on Orchard Road and becomes one of the most unique shopping malls. Exclusive collections of watches and jewellery are available in the display of the malls. Even the Singapore’s biggest luxury watch retailer, Hour Glass Limited, opens its wings in the shopping mall. Fine Swiss watches and exclusive fashion jewellery from Singapore, Asia, Europe, and America are available here. Feel the taste of being in Great Britain with luxury collections inside it.

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