Forest Adventure Theme Park

Forest Adventure, as its name, is an outdoor recreational theme park which offers a lot of outdoor challenges and team-building activities. However, this Forest Adventure is a bit different from other recreational theme park that have many mechanical rides and machines and the visitors only have to sit or stay still while the rides do the work. In this theme park, the visitors are fully involved in the games and their ability might play much to the outcome of the game. Forest Adventure, which is located in Bedok Reservoir Park of Singapore, is designed just like a forest. It is ranked the 82 of 274 favorite recreational places in Singapore. This theme park specialized in physical and mental challenge games which require certain fitness skills of the visitors. Aside from that, this theme park can also be used for those who want to enjoy the fun while building their bodies and ability to survive the outdoor challenges.

Forest Adventure divides their challenges for kids and adults, for they have different capability and limitation. On the grand course, there are 34 kinds of obstacles which include the leap of faith, trapezes, and bridges. This course is addressed for adults and youths aged more than 14 or at least have 1.4 meter (4 feet 7”) heights and takes about 2 to 3 hours to be finished. For the kid course, the challenges are more fun and easier. This course is designed for children aged 5 to 10 with at least 1.1 meter heights and takes only an hour to complete all the tasks. At both courses, the players are expected to be free of doing anything they like to survive all challenges ahead. Moreover, although there will be supervisors and trainers who are ready to help you, but the challenges will be a bit difficult to be passed especially for the first timers. Since Forest Adventure offers many physical activities, safety is a main concern. The construction of the rides are designed by French designer who specialized on building tree top courses and based on European norms. Every year the designer comes to control and maintain the safety of the courses. The instructors also have to pass certain courses before they are allowed to supervise the visitors. Forest Adventure also cares about the situation of the forest and the trees around it. Moreover, before they begin to open the park everyday, they always check the installation as well as the condition of the equipment thoroughly.

Forest Adventure is a perfect place for families who are looking for recreation but also games to strengthen the bond of the member of the family. This place is also a great choice for individuals or groups as a training ground and built a good teamwork. There have been more than 200 schools and 500 organizations coming to this place for recreation and training, including the Singapore Armed Forces, US NAVY, Republic of Singapore Air Force, and police forces. Besides recreational and training ground, Forest Adventure also open chances for kids who want to celebrate their birthday party.

The courses open every day but Monday from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, though sometimes reserved for certain group, so make sure you check the schedule before going to the park. As for the price, Forest Adventure offers you $40 to $42 for the grand course and $30 for the kids course. For those who are coming from outside of Singapore, there are several hotels located near the park, i.e. Cameron Hotel, Laguna National and Country Club, Capri by Fraser Changi City, Le Peranakan Hotel, New Changi Hotel, and Astro Hotel Singapore.

To get to Forest Adventure you can use several numbers of buses and stop by the Bedok Reservoir Road. From there, you can find the parking lot and take a walk about 5 to 10 minutes to get to the park. Forest Adventure also provides you a nice place to eat and to prepare yourself before the adventure, Wawawa, a beautiful bistro by the Reservoir adjacent to the car park on Bedok Reservoir Road. If you present your Forest Adventure wristband, you can get a complementary drink for free. You can also enjoy a few drinks, meal, and ice cream, and continue your journey with unforgettable adventures and challenges.

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