Genting Theme Park

Genting Theme Park is an amusement park owned by Genting Group. Genting Highland Resort has two apartment blocks and six hotel, Maxims, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, First World Hotel, and Theme Park Hotel. The Theme Park’s Hotel is where the Genting Theme Park located. It is at the peak of Titiwangsa Mountain between the border of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia, that is a part of Genting Highland Resort, the famous mountain resort in Malaysia. As a famous amusement park in Malaysia, Genting Theme Park is divided into two parts, the outdoor and the indoor theme park. There are so many rides available in both of the theme parks, which offer ultimate excitement for young, adults, and seniors. The price and the type of the tickets are also varied and adjusted depending on the age of the user and the necessity. The ticket price for all parks, including the First World Indoor Theme Park, Genting Outdoor Theme Park, and The Rainforest Splash Pool are separated into the one day unlimited ride ticket, two days unlimited ride ticket, and the express ticket. For adult, the prices are varied from RM 82, RM 124, and RM 147. For Children, the prices are from RM 55, RM 85, and RM 99. For senior citizen, the prices are the same with children, and as for the family package, the price is RM 247.

If you just want to play the outdoor rides, you can have the ticket for only RM 65, RM 95, or RM 110 for adult; RM 40, RM 65, or RM 72 for children and senior citizen; and RM 184 for family package. As for those who only want to try some rides, you can buy the pay-per-ride ticket for only RM 8 per adult or child. If you have an email account and a credit card, Genting Theme Park gives you another facility, online service. With this service, you can buy the tickets online from websites from days before to avoid from getting running out of tickets.

Genting Theme Park offers so many rides. There are 43 rides you can enjoy every day in Genting Outdoor Theme Park, started from the thrill rides, family rides, and the children rides. If you are a roller coaster maniac, Genting Theme Park provides you five kinds of roller coaster which are ready to pump your adrenaline. The first roller coaster is named the Corkscrew, which has two rotations that will make you feel twice dizzier. The second roller coaster is the Cyclone, which is smaller than the Corkscrew and suits for small children. The third one is the Flying Dragon, which is bigger than the Cyclone and designed to look like a dragon. The fourth one is the Rolling Thunder Mine Train, which is a bit different from the other roller coasters because this roller coaster will take you into a rocky mountains and a dark cave which makes you feel the mining nuance of the western worlds. The fifth roller coaster, which is also the signature attraction in Genting Theme Park, is the Flying Coaster also known as the Spiderman Roller Coaster, which is faster and flying, more challenging and exciting than the Corkscrew. The Flying Coaster is different from usual roller coaster because the riders will not sit on a seat, instead hang gliding while being swung by the roller coaster. This Flying Coaster is perfect for those who really into adrenaline pumping game and want to enjoy the sensation of flying with a constant acceleration change throughout the game.

The Genting Indoor Theme Park, offers different kind of rides, which are also exciting and still not suitable for pregnant women or people with heart problem. The rides are not as much as the outdoor park, but the view is still incredible. You can see the entire Genting Indoor Theme Park by playing the Ferris Wheel or the Indoor Roller Coaster, though not as exciting as the outdoor roller coasters. There are also several arcade games in this part, which are The Bumper Cars and The Arcade. As for those who like weird stuff from all around the world, you can find the Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not Museum, which displays some amazing thing just like what you can see on their TV programs.

Though located in Malaysia, people in Singapore can easily access the Genting Theme Park through land. Genting Highlands is pretty near from Singapore and is only about 45 minutes-drive from the capital of Malaysia, which is approximately 6 to 9 hours drive from Singapore. You can get into Genting Theme Park from Singapore by using bus, which only costs you $30 for a one-way trip from Singapore to Genting Highlands, and only $12 for a return bus ticket from Genting Highlands to Singapore.

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