Gold Bracelets – The Best Choice for People…

There are many stories of the history of bracelet and the belief lies in it. In Egypt, about 5000 BC, bracelet was a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. The Egyptian wished the dead would later rebirth after passing the death. That is why bracelet was usually worn to mummies. In Latin America, bracelet is believed to protect the user from the evil eye. In India, bracelet is a sign of marital status. Nevertheless, bracelet is commonly known as an accessory that is worn by men or women around their wrist or ankle, which is also known as anklet, to either makes them looks prettier or more handsome, or show their prestige.

Bracelet is made of various materials. At the beginning, it was made of bones and stones. Now it is also made of woods, leather, metal, plastics, ceramics, silver, or gold. The additional ornaments are also varies from buckles, beads, carvings, and diamonds. People usually choose their bracelet based on the event in which they will use the bracelet. For daily activities, they usually choose the simple or the cheap one to minimize the risk if they break or lose it. For youngster, they mostly pick the metal or leather bracelet to make them look cooler or to follow the trend. As for adults, they choose their bracelet because of the purpose, whether to be used for party, for casual, or just for fun.

It cannot be denied that gold has been the best choice for people who want to look elegant and gold bracelet is one of the choices. Gold bracelet has many advantages besides being an accessory. If you get bored with the gold bracelet, you can resell it later because gold can be a source of investment. Of course, the price of the gold bracelet will be lower than the first time you buy because the gold recedes over time. However, before buying a gold bracelet, make sure that you get the real gold because there are many imitated gold in the market and sometimes the gold in accessories are not pure or just a metal covered with gold.

There are certain things to be considered before buying gold bracelet. First, as stated before, the gold recedes over time, thus you do not have to be confused when some day you want to resell your gold bracelet and the price drops lower than before. Second, the price of gold is fluctuating, just like the money exchange rate. However, the value of gold in the market is rising from time to time and it is rarely to drop. Third, buying gold bracelet as an accessory means that you have to pay the tax for the gold. These are the things about gold that make gold bracelet is considered as a prestigious accessories unlike the metal or leather bracelet.

It is better to go to stores specializing in selling gold and jewelry to make sure you get the real gold when buying gold bracelet. If you are living in Singapore, there are many gold stores around but to make sure you get the real gold, you can go the Cartier, a famous French jewelry manufacturer. Cartier has been selling jewelry for more than 150 years and selling jewelry for famous people, including King Edward VII of England. The King even referred the Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.” It shows how trustable this vendor is.

There are three Cartier boutiques in Singapore which sell bracelet, they are the Boutique Cartier located in 2 Bayfront Avenue at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the Boutique Cartier located in 391 Orchard Road at Takashima Shopping Centre, and the Boutique Cartier located in 2 Orchard Turn at the ION Orchard. There are actually four Boutique Cartiers in Singapore, but only those three that sell the bracelet. You can also buy the gold bracelet online but make sure the vendor is trusted and professional. Since gold is a luxurious item, people usually try to counterfeit and sell them for lower price. It is risky to buy gold accessories online, not to mention the risk of missing on delivery. Thus if you really want to have this kind of luxurious accessory, it is better to come straightly to the shop or ask your friend who knows a thing or two about gold to ensure the gold you buy is real.

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