Beautiful Gold Necklaces in Singapore

Singapore is a real international city. When it comes to gold jewellery, there is no better place to go in Asia than Singapore. With the great deal of international jewellers coming from China, India and Malaysia and from all around the world, Singapore is famous for its outstanding jewellery market. To enforce jewellery sales, it promotes its local brands with great success by its yearly held Jewellery Fair. Now we will represent some of the brands and some of the best districts and places for you to see and browse among the gold jewellery and gold necklace collections of Singapore jewelleries.

Today, the best brands of Singapore can all be found in the major shopping malls of the city, which are located along Orchard Road and the Bayfront area in the downtown. Let us see the best brands today for finding outstanding gold jewellery:

SK Jewellery is a Chinese brand that has become popular all around Asia offering first class diamond, gold and wedding jewellery. SK offers gold necklace collections in great varieties, many of these being perfect for special occasions and weddings. At SK, you can find white gold and yellow gold necklace collections in great numbers. SK also offers quality gifts and accessories in its stores. In of the 12 collections of SK Jewellery, you can find outstanding gold necklace creations. SK Jewellery has around 20 stores all across Singapore, from the malls of Orchard road to the downtown shopping areas, so there is no way for you to miss it

Lee Hwa Jewellery is one of Singapore’s elite jewellers offering highly exclusive collections from international designers. Offering more than 20 different collections of outstanding gold, diamond jewellery Le Hwa is the number one jewellery when it comes to haute couture creations. If you want to see fantastic and overall unique creations, then this jewellery is the place for you. Le Hwa also offers wedding and customised jewellery and you can find its stores in the most elegant shopping malls of Singapore. Currently, Lee Hwa is the only brand in Singapore where you can find purple gold jewellery.

Poh Keng is another great Singapore brand of jewellery, offers more than 10 different collections of designers from all around the world. From Disney to Italian gold necklace creations, you can find a great variety at the stores of Poh Keng, which you can find everywhere in Downtown from Orchard Mall to Tampines Mall in Singapore. Poh Keng has several great deals and special offers from time to time.

Goldheart is one of popular jewellery brand of Singapore because of the great diversity in its collections, which range from high quality diamond to gold jewellery. The brand currently offers over 20 different collections from gold, to yellow gold and rose gold. It offers some outstanding gold necklace creations, most specifically in its Celestial line of collections.

When you arrive in Singapore, you will see how great and colourful this city is, having some of the most beautiful attractions in the world paired up with alone-standing shopping possibilities, no matter which part of the city you are in. For finding the best deals of gold necklace collections, visit Little India, Little Arabia and the Chinatown areas of the town, each one being easily accessible from the downtown by bus or metro.

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