Health Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

Ever heard of magnetic therapy? This kind of therapy has become famous in the late of 20th century, exactly in 1970s after Albert Roy Davis noticed that the positive and negative fields of the magnet have different effects on human biological systems. Magnet is believed to be able to relieve pain or discomfort that is caused by injury or illness. Some say magnetic therapy can also improves health by increasing the blood circulation of the body around the area where the magnet is placed. That is why magnetic therapy centers are booming these days.

Because of that reason, people tried to create such kind of magnet that is able to be mobilized and placed anywhere and anytime around the body. This is where the magnetic accessories were invented. Magnetic accessories allow people to use and gain the benefit effects of the magnet without having to come to a certain place to receive the magnetic therapy. Aside from the health benefits, these magnetic accessories can also improve your appearance. You might think that the accessories are lack of pretty design since their purpose is for health benefits but that is not true. Magnetic accessories also have good and interesting designs that will make them do not look like a magnet. Some of them are even prettier than common accessories.

The most renowned magnetic accessory is the magnetic bracelet since its surface is wide enough to give the effect of the magnet to the body and arms are parts of the body which always do many movements. Of course there are also other kinds of magnetic accessories such as the ring and the necklace, but those are not that famous since the finger and the neck do not make movements as many as the arms. At first, these magnetic accessories were intended for medical purpose, which is why it is also known as Bio-Magnetic Health Bracelet. It was used by people who felt sick or pain in a certain area of the body, usually people who play golf, or any other sports which require many movements of the arm, such as tennis, crickets, or baseball, to relieve the pain and accelerate the recovery time. And now as the time goes on, people feel the need of using the magnetic bracelet not only to relieve the pain but also preventing them from getting sick.

Magnetic bracelet is usually made of germanium or titanium, the metals that can hold the magnetic power strongest and also strong enough to be formed as accessories, but sometimes copper can also be used as the other substance. The shape is as much as the silver though it does not shine as much as the sterling silver, but it still makes a good accessories if you consider the benefits. Titanium is also known as a highly corrosion resistant metal with a very light weight, which is suitable as accessories.

Magnetic bracelet has so many designs; however, magnetic bracelet cannot be easily found in common jewelry or accessory stores. The easiest place to find this kind of accessory is from the health stores which also sell health equipment. The price is varied depends on the design and the color, but people mainly buy the magnetic bracelet for their health improvement before the luxurious function. However, since there are not many stores selling this accessory, the price is higher than usual.

There might not be many shops which sell this kind of accessory but some of the shops in Singapore where you can find this magnetic bracelet are located in Kallang Pudding Road or around the Bugis area. However, if you find difficulties in finding the place, you can always go online and find the various designs of magnetic bracelet from all sides of Singapore. There are many online stores that serve visitors from Singapore and all around the world.

There are only few reports about the side effects of the magnetic bracelets, but the worst is the rash that is caused not by the magnetic field but the material of the bracelet. Knowing this, you should be careful if you want to buy these magnetic accessories. The safest way is to go to the health stores and ask for advice from the professionals before ordering the magnetic accessories.

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