Jurong Bird Park

Built on the Jurong Hill, this unique and beautiful Jurong Bird Park is one of the biggest sensations of Singapore, among the most popular attractions for everyone, though mainly children and families. Let us see what Jurong Bird Park is all about and all the sensations that we can get to see there.

Brazilian “brother” inspired the making of Jurong Bird Park where the first of bird parks in the world has opened. Today, Jurong Bird Park has an amazing collection of all sorts of birds and the 50-acre area has been specifically created in order to resemble each bird’s natural living area the most. The flamingos are feeling so great here, that as of today they are more than a thousand. Today, in terms of the number of bird species Jurong Park is the biggest in the world, in area its ranked as second coming after Germany’s famous bird park. The Jurong Bird Park currently keeps 4600 birds, altogether 380 bird species that is an extreme number and just marks all the great work of those who have created and taking care of it. In 2006 the latest addition, the African wetlands, created specifically for the African birds has been created and looks just amazing. When you see Jurong Bird Park, you will become eventually sure; that every single bird is living very happily over here. The bird park also owns a great bird hospital.

In order to entertain visitors the Jurong Bird Park offers several great and fun attractions, especially for the children and families. This way you can see how really clever birds are and how many great tricks they are able to do, not to mention how lovely creatures they are. This is of course a very hard work. Teaching a bird to perform can take several years. Let us respect the hard work of all the dedicated trainers with applauding them during the shows and of course, in our minds. Let us see some of the most popular bird shows of Jurong Bird Park:

* Birds ‘n Buddies Show: This is a fantastic show with several species of birds in the limelight performing together. Let’s also add that every single show offers a great deal of teaching too, you and your children can learn so much on the natural behaviour, the likes and the dislikes of these beautiful creatures.

*Birds of Prey Show: beautiful eagles, hawks and falcons perform some great exercises and you can learn a lot on the art of falconry too.

* African Wetlands: here you will feel exactly like if you were in Africa. This way, the park helps you to understand more on the importance of natural habitats when it comes to birds. Look at the Shoebill stork, the saddle-billed Stork and to the African fishes.

* As a different part of the African terrain, you can see the worldwide unique attraction of the Jurong Bird Park, the African Waterfall Aviary that is the largest walk-in aviary in the world housing more than 1500 free-flying birds of 50 different species. The attraction you can watch through the park’s unique monorail that is the one and only in the world that runs through an aviary and you will see the largest manmade waterfall created for these beautiful birds so that they can feel at home. The waterfall is 30 metres high. It would be not enough to say that this attraction is beautiful. It is simply breathtaking. The birds living in the area of the waterfall including water birds include the gold-breasted starling, turacos and the hoope.

* The flightless bird exhibition shows birdies, which are unable to fly, including emus, rheas, ostriches and the local cassowaries, which are colourful turkey like birds.

* In the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary you can see the largest ever collection of Southeast Asian bird species which means over two hundred species. The aviary has more segments according to the bird’s habitat and general habits. Here, there are daily thunderstorms followed by a cooling drizzle for the birds. It is only the territorial birds, which cannot fly among the others, by their instinctive behaviour, but they have large enough cage to fly of course.

* The World of Darkness is the Asia’s first nocturnal bird house with reverse lighting so that visitors can watch night birds in action.

Moreover, it’s far from enough, there are so many more great and entirely unique attractions to see here in the Jurong Bird Park, no wonder that it’s among the most popular attractions of Singapore the “Green Town” which shows that it’s fully environmental conscious by protecting nature and its species this way. Jurong Park is open every day from 8.30 am until 6.00 pm.

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