Legoland Theme Park

Who does not know Lego? It is a famous construction toys manufactured by Lego Group. This toy has been introduced for children since 1949 and becomes one of popular children toys nowadays. Furthermore, Lego Group tries to bring this toy alive by setting up a theme park for children named Legoland. Even so, Legoland is not wholly owned by Lego Group rather owned by a British theme park company, Merlin Entertainment. However, it does not reduce the essential purpose of this theme park to be an incredible recreational park for children in particular. Legoland has been opened in six countries around the world, i.e. Billund, Windsor, Deutschland, California, Florida, and the latest one in South East Asia, Malaysia. The Legoland in Malaysia was opened in September 2012 and is the first Legoland built in Asia.

As a children theme park, Legoland does not have those kinds of extreme or adrenaline-pumping games or rides; instead, the rides are more fun and enjoyable. Every Legoland has different areas or worlds, as they called it. The varied areas make Legoland very entertaining and not boring, because each time the visitors come to another area, they will feel different nuance and like entering a new theme park. In Malaysia, the Legoland is divided into seven different worlds, which includes The Beginning, the Land of Adventure, the Imagination, the LEGO Kingdom, the LEGO Technic, and the LEGO City. In the middle of the worlds, there is the Miniland, a world where you can find all Asian landmarks that are built using more than 30 millions Lego bricks. These landmarks took three years to be recreated and show the landmarks from 17 Asian countries, including the Petronas Twin Tower and Taj Mahal. The interesting part is that all of these landmarks are animated and are able to be brought to live in a touch of a button. There are also more than 30 rides, games, and attactions in Legoland Malaysia.

If you are looking for Lego toys you can also visit Legoland and find all parts of the Lego bricks sold in the park. The Big Shop and The Brick Shop are the places where you can find everything related to Lego, starting from the bricks, hats, t-shirts, and mugs. There are also some rare bricks sold in these two shops. Legoland also provides the visitors with many foods and drinks so that the visitors do not have to worry about getting hungry in the middle of the park. There are two restaurants and five open-air restaurants located inside the park. With many choices of foods and drinks, Legoland is a perfect place to have a holiday and recreation with your families and friends.

Though Legoland in Asia is only located in Malaysia, people who live Singapore will not have to worry. After the opening on September, Legoland also opened a shuttle service exclusively to connect people from Singapore directly to the theme park. There are six trips from Tuas Second Link of Singapore to Legoland every day. For those who are coming from the Woodlands, there are 15 trips on weekends, and many buses will come and take the visitors from JB Sentral to Legoland. It takes only 15 minutes to travel from Tuas Second Link and only 30 minutes from the Woodlands to Legoland.

The tickets to enter the Legoland Malaysia vary from RM 110 up to RM 140. If you want to enjoy the fun for more than a day, you can find six hotels to be chosen to spend your nights, the three five stars hotels, Pulai Spring, the KSL Resort, Thristle Johor Baru, Grand Paragon Hotel, Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru, and Tune Hotel. The hotels are ranged from three to five stars and will give you a perfect place to stay over some night if you want to come to Legoland for days and spend your holiday there. You do not have to worry about the direction for the hotels are located near the theme park and it only takes a few minutes to reach the place. If you are planning on having your vacation in Legoland Malaysia, you can book the tickets online and print it to be shown at the entrance. That way you can save your queuing time for more playing time inside the park.

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