Luxurious Diamond Necklaces

Singapore is one of the top touristic cities in the world. Once you are here, you will see great opportunities both sightseeing and for shopping. The city-land is full of great shopping areas, shopping malls and colourful cultural districts offering a great deal of their own authentic jewellery. This is one unique and beautiful characteristic of the city. When visiting its great districts, you will feel like to have travelled the world. If you would like to spend your time with browsing the jewellery stores to find a beautiful diamond necklace, we can offer you several great places and stores to visit.

Singapore has several outstanding shopping areas. Along Orchard Road, you can find the most popular shopping malls offering a huge amount of international brands. Here, you can find some of Singapore’s best and biggest malls offering endless shopping experience. By the Bayfront area of the downtown Singapore, you can find the newest and biggest shopping and hotel resort complex – the Marina Bay Sands offering a huge deal of both local and international jewellery stores. In the heart of the colonial downtown, you can see the elegant shopping streets where you can choose from diamond necklace collections of the elite labels from all around the world. This is far from being all. In Little India, streets are packed with jewellery stores offering authentic beautiful gold and diamond necklace collections, and in Chinatown, you can find some of the best deals at local jewellers.

Let us introduce you to some of the best Singapore jewellery brands offering diamond necklace collections:

Goldheart: Being among the biggest Singapore jewellery brands, Goldheart offers 5 main lines of diamond necklace and jewellery collections: Ascenté, Celectial, Diamonds, Wedding and Gems and each line has multiple collections to offer. Here, you can see some of the most beautiful collections of diamond jewellery. Goldheart has stores in major shopping malls of Singapore such as Ion Orchard, 313Somerset or at Marina Bay Sands among many others.

Lee Hwa: An elite jewellery brand of Singapore, Lee Hwa is the sole trader of several outstanding brands of gold and diamond jewellery. There brands include Forevermark diamond collections, which comprise the best quality diamonds in the world, Destinée, Giloro, Furrer-Jacot or Ninetto Terzano among others. Lee Hwa is the only brand that sells Purple Gold, the trademark jewellery brand being the only one in the world, which sells purple gold jewellery. At Le Hwa, you will see the most exclusive diamond necklace collections in the world. The brand is highly exclusive and has seven stores around Singapore at some of the best shopping malls.

Poh Keng: Poh Keng is one of the outstanding jewellery trading brands offering more than 20 international jewellery collections in Singapore. From the haute couture of Royal Collection to the cuteness of Disney accessories, you can find all sorts of gold and diamond necklace creations and great accessories too.

These are only some outstanding examples of the dozens of high quality jewellers which you can find in Singapore – the city where shopping is the most popular hobby. Over 30 quality shopping malls and the shopping streets of its colourful districts, all offer jewellery from different aspects. If you arrive to buy great quality jewellery from gold to diamond necklace collections, be prepared for an adventurous challenge paired up with an outstanding sightseeing in beautiful Singapore.

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