Marks & Spencer Singapore

There are probably no other European retail brands which could grow to earn such an iconic status such as Marks & Spencer, the UK brand which deals with the producing of various sorts of apparel, home ware, kitchen ware and even food products for its customers. Today, you can find Marks & Spencer stores in 41 countries outside of the United Kingdom and each one of the stores are well and widely visited for the brands worldwide famous quality standards and diverse range of goods. Let us look at the history of Marks & Spencer and let us see where we can find Marks & Spencer stores in Singapore.

Marks & Spencer is a historical brand founded in 1884 and soon became famous for selling only British made goods under different labels, such as St. Michaels that was established in honor of founder Michael Marks. Marks & Spencer stores were also held famous for their great return policy, which the company was forced to change in 2005 with the coming of the international financial crisis. Marks & Spencer was the first British retail company which coulc make a net profit of over 1 billion British Pounds. The company started its expansion in the Seventies and has the majority of its 361 stores in franchise, under which only those stores are exception that are located in the Republic of Ireland and in Hong Kong, both former British colonies.

Marks & Spencer is widely held popular for its multiple ranges of stores, out of which the following sorts of stores also sell a wide range of food and grocery: Hospitality, Home Stores, M&S Simply Food.

On abroad, you can mainly find the „core” stores of Marks & Spencer which mainly sell ladies’, men’s and kids’ apparel. Marks & Spencer went through a serious re-design in the 2000s, as the brand’s comfort based clothing lines have kept the brand mainly famous for its garments for middle aged to old generation. After the re-branding Marks & Spencer has came out with various collections that were not sticking with the comfort flag but were more stylish and colourful. Despite the higher than average prices, the brand is iconic for its great quality and has a huge customer base in every city and country where its stores are located.

As for its apparel, Marks & Spencer uses a unique measuring system first introduced in 1957. Several Marks & Spencer also offers tailoring services in its stores. The brand’s centre is still in its founding city Westminster, England. As an interesting fact, the largest Marks and Spencer store in the world is located in the Dubai shopping mall of Festival City.

In Singapore, you can find Marks and Spencer Stores in the following locations: The Centrepoint, Wheelock Place, The Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City, Parkway Parade, VivoCity, Great World City, JEM at Jurong East.

The largest Singapore Marks and Spencer is located in the Wheelock Place, which is close to Orchard Road, the main Singapore Shopping Road of the city. The brand is highly popular among Singaporeans, especially in the circle of the ladies. The brand’s famous eternal style makes any and every Marks & Spencer items trendy for a long time.

In Singapore, Marks & Spencer is highly popular and well visited. If you want great, comfortable and high quality clothes, do not hesitate to check out the Marks & Spencer store being the closest to you.

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