Megazip Adventure Park

Adrenalin rush is the best words for this theme park. For those who want an adventure filled visit, MegaZip Adventure Park is the perfect place for them and the perfect way to spend a day in Singapore, enjoying spectacular views across the coastline from Imbiah Hilltops. It is located at the top of Mount Imbiah and this adventure park is Singapore’s first adventure park with one of the longest and steepest zip wires in Asia, a 12 m high ropes course, a free-fall parachute simulator and a challenging climbing wall. MegaZip Adventure Park is a brilliant and fun adventure park and high ropes course. It consists of attractions to suit people with various levels of skill and it will get the adrenaline pumping. This park has four adventure attractions to enjoy and they are top attractions and things-to-do in Singapore.

The Megazip zipwire is the Asia’s most extreme zip line. With a 450 metre long, 75 metre high zipwire from the top of Imbiah hill across the canopy of trees (at a height of up to 75 metres), the beach and out to a small island just off Sentosa. It takes adrenaline junkies from the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill to the white sands of Fox Finish Point. The speed hits up to 45kph. People will get a great view of Sentosa Island on the way down. It is the fun things to do in Singapore. The visitors can try to race with their pals or parents to the finish line. Exhilarating, breathtaking, fast and furious!

ClimbMax is a Singapore’s premiere high ropes adventure course. 15 metre high Eucalyptus trees create a formidable course in the jungle hilltops of Sentosa. This is the longest adventure and should require 15 to 45 minutes per session. This attraction is great way to get over a fear of heights, acrophobia. High ropes courses, zip lines, leaping off buildings, climbing walls are things to help face theirs fears. The view is amazing, the thrills are endless, and well-drilled staff is always ready for the guests and make sure everythings is safe and efficient.

At the Parajump leap point, people need big of faith. Participants experience free fall from jumping off a 15 meter tower. From the top, the views are incredible. Ocean, jungle, forest, beaches are worth to pay. A custom made safety wire and harness developed in the UK and controlled with clockwork efficiency by the experienced staff is a first for Singapore and allows the visitors to replicate a freefall parachute jump without the plane ride.

Test our self on the monster of a climbing wall. The 16 meter wall is one of the highest in Singapore, with three different routes to the top. Under the supervision of the climbing instructors, visitors will be safely belayed all the way to the top. Find own route, reach the summit, and then lean back, relax, and abseil back down the North Face. There is another great thing about MegaZip Adventure Park. After the guest completed every ride on the park, Megazip provides golf buggies to take the guest back up to Imbiah Hill. For those who want to stay and enjoy the view, there are plenty of beachside activities for visitors or go ahead to fun bars or café which are located close to the zipwire ends.

MegaZip Adventure Park open at 11am – 7pm daily and it gives different price on every attraction; ClimbMax $35, ParaJump $15, MegaZip $35, NorthFace $20 and different combo packages. Visitors can choose between the MegaZip, the ClimbMax, ParaJump or NorthFace or try the fabulous Combos to extend the fun at affordable prices. They also gives flies for free as a birthday bonus to the customer.MegaZip Adventure Park takes their responsibility seriously and they prepare the best service to make sure every guest has the unforgettable experience but still feel safe. The park is fully accredited and employs friendly and fully trained staff that will ensure a seamless, safe, and fun time for all. But one thing that people should know which is about the age, weight, and height requirements. Adrenaline junkies will be thrilled in this adventurous park. Test the strength and feel the fun and challenging excitement.

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