Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

Holiday is approaching, and you have not decided your destination? Well, it will be a great loss if you cannot prepare and manage your holiday attentively. If you want to escape the boring routines by having quality time with your family, a theme park in a tropical country sounds like a great idea. Located in a great position as one of the most favorite destinations in South East Asia, the area in which sun is not a luxury thing to wait, Malaysia should be in the top list of your country destination. If you like to be wet and get an adventure in a South East Asian amusement park, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park should be a perfect destination. What’s there? How much money will you need? How to get there? It’s all here.

Opened on 15th May, 2010, Melaka Wonderland Resort and Theme Park is claimed to be one of the largest water theme park in Malaysia. It is also one of the newest water wonderland and resort. The place of the theme park is in Ayer Keroh Melaka, one popular tourism spots in the country. Intending to give the best for the theme park lovers, the place is loved by both domestic and international tourists. Not only that, the place suits any ages, from kids to adults; therefore this place is recommended for anyone. The attractions in the park are varied to supply the need of any-type people. From the peaceful attraction for the full-thriller attractions; everyone can enjoy their favorite attractions according to their choices of games. There are sixteen attractions ready to spoil the visitors, some of them are Tornado Chaser, Kamikaze Race, 1 Big Wave Pool, Adventure Island, Dinosaur Park, Dirt Kart, Paint Ball, The Personal Transporter, are Lazy Cum Crazy River. The other attractions are also worthy to try, they are all built to amuse and to satisfy the international communities. Feel like getting into a tornado because you are a type of adrenaline junkies? Tornado Chaser is really for you then. The first in Malaysia, your day will be unforgettable once you enter the storm. If you choose calmer attraction, 1 Big Wave, in which you can enjoy the gentle rolling waves, is highly recommended. Explore the mystical beauty of the ancient Earth in the Dinosaur Park. The park is very distinctive and unique. The collections of the Dinosaurs are quite complete and mesmerizing. Find the T-Rex, Triceratops, Omeisaurus, and the friends. So, it will be not only entertaining, but also educating!

Getting such international entertainment does not have to be expensive. Offering top class safety; the Meaka Wonderland Theme Park has a very wonderful offering of ticket prices. On Tuesdays to Fridays, adults are charged RM 26, while the children are charged RM 20. On holidays and weekends, the ticket prices are RM 30 for adults and RM 25 for children. What a low price entertainment with five stars attraction in Malaysia! If you get hungry, no need to get out of the park to grab some delicious food! There are some practical grab-and-go food outlets will satisfy your hunger. There are complete snacks menu and main dishes to complete your day in the park. Chicken or beef burger, French fries, hot dog, sandwich, nuggets, and the other finger snacks are ready to grab.

Visit the park on Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 am to 7 pm, and you will never get disappointed. The strategic place is very easy to catch. The Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is reachable within 15 minutes driving from Melaka town. It is only 1.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur International airport. If you are departing from Johor, the place is reachable within 3 hours driving. Even if you are having your holiday in Singapore, the place is still a recommended place to spend your time with family. The location is only 4 hours from the downtown of Singapore. You can take a bus from Singapore to Malaysia, or you just simply drive your car from Singapore to Malaysia. Cheap, easy to reach, and fun! What can be better for a holiday destination than that? Prepare your journey to the park now, and get the great deals of hotels near the area too!

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