Pearl Necklaces in Singapore

Pearl, from a long time ago, is a precious commodity used by people to be an ornament for jewellery. The natural beauty of pearl gives unique and mysterious attraction for the people who wear it in their body. The jewellery experts believe that the perfect pearl with perfect combination of the luster, color, size, and surface performance costs higher than the other kind of gemstones usually used for decorating jewellery. Following the development of jewellery designs, pearl has been used in many forms, including pearl necklaces. Plain gold necklace is truly beautiful, but if it is decorated with highly valuable pearl, the charm will be doubled, and even tripled. With the availability of colorful pearls, the people’s choices will be more various.

The jewellery experts differentiate four basic pearl variants according to its origin. The most expensive natural pearl is the Tahitian pearl. The other three variants are the South Sea pearl, Akoya pearl, and freshwater pearls. The Tahitian, South Sea, and Akoya are the variants which grow naturally in the ocean. They are growing without any human intervention and giving a very rare, high quality, and expensive kinds of pearl. These three variants are the most demanding types for their perfect shiny luster and rarity. The freshwater pearls are basically human-made pearl, meaning to say it is part of the pearl industry in which human is the main caretaker. The pearl is grown in certain media with controlled environment and capacity so that the result can be managed.

Nowadays, there are many “fake” or imitation of pearls sold in the market. If the label clearly says as it is, the buyer will gladly take it for fun. Yet, some tricky people use it as the way to commit fraud. Therefore the buyers now should be extremely careful and smart so that they will not become the victim of the irresponsible parties.

In the jewellery business, there are some kinds of pearl used to make high quality pearl necklace. These pearls are different based on their shape size and color. There are necklaces made of round, button, drop, pearl, oval, baroque, or circled pearls. Among them, the perfect round pearl used in a necklace is the rarest and the most expensive kind. The natural colored pearl such as white and black, which is usually identical with salt-water pearl, is the most popular type pearl used to make necklace. The other possibilities of color which may appear are pink, blue, green, or purple. The designs of necklace using pearl are also varied these days. The classic stringed-up pearl necklace is still popular today. The other design, such as using the pearl as the pendant rather than the string of the necklace, is also demanding. Whatever the design is, the necklace with pearl is always giving different color and charm for the wearer.

Singapore is a small country city which is lack of pearl production in its area. However, with its strength in the international jewellery business network, it becomes one of the most important centres for pearl jewellery trade. Many pearl necklaces are sold in the city every day. In every corner of Singpore, which is stuffed with high quality stores, jewellery with pearl is very easy to find. Some brands of pearl necklace and the other jewellery available in Singapore even offer a very convenient deal of price. For people with limited budget, freshwater pearl jewellery collections by Chomel Pearl jewellery must be very tempting. Various products of pearl jewellery with round or baroque shape are available in competitive prices. The authenticity and uniqueness of the products’ designs are highly guaranteed with various special designs for daily usage or special moment such as bridal.

Other than that, On Cheong jewellery also presents the best collection of pearl jewellery with timeless beauty and elegance. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and the other pearl ornaments are available in simple yet unforgettable designs. Richard Hung jewellery is the other name in the Singaporean jewellery industry which appreciates the beauty of semi-precious gemstones such as pearl. It produces high quality and fine collections of jewellery with original designs.

Pearl jewellery has always been some sort of special jewellery, because of the rare nature of pearls. The price of a high quality pearl necklace competes with the price of quality white diamond one. Therefore, it is extremely important for you, if wanting to find great quality freshwater pearls to find those brands, which sell high quality pearls. In our article, we will try to explore the best places for you to find quality pearl jewellery in Singapore.

The industry of pearl jewellery has changed drastically, when in Japan the cultured pearl has been invented. Besides, thanks to its beautiful outlook pearl is among the most popular „gemstones” to be counterfeited on the jewellery market. With cultured pearl jewellery being much cheaper than freshwater, the market of pearl jewellery has grown increasingly due to the easier access to cultured pearl jewellery. Let us see the Singapore brands that offer high quality genuine pearl jewellery with pearl necklace sets.

Unique Fine Pearl: This brand is easily among the most popular brands in Singapore, offering high quality pearl jewellery for the customers in great variety and in multiple stores. The brand is really quality conscious, you can be sure to find the best quality pearl jewellery in its showrooms, from pearl necklace to pearl rings , bracelets or whole pearl necklace sets, and also from natural colour to coloured or painted pearls , you can get to find beautiful creations from Freshwater to South Sea Pearls here. The brand has its stores in the biggest shopping malls of Singapore, which include the huge Marina Bay Sands shopping centre and resort complex.

On Cheong: Being one of the best authentic jewellery brands in Singapore, you can count on seeing high quality jewellery at the stores of On Cheong. The brand offers beautiful, eye-catching designs of quality pearl necklace sets, pendants, rings and bracelets. In its haute couture collection, you can find some outstanding art pieces of pendants, cufflinks and necklaces made with the inclusion of quality pearls. On Cheong has two showrooms, which you can find at South Bridge Road and the other is New Bridge Road.

Chomel: A local Singapore brand, Chomel is well-known in the circles of jewellery fans of Singapore. The brand offers great quality pearl jewellery, including pearl rings, pearl necklace sets and exclusive collections too. No matter it is about daytime jewellery or jewellery for special occasions, you can get to find the most beautiful pearl creations for its customers.

Princess Pearl Jewellery: An authentic Singapore brand, Princess offers high quality pearl necklace sets and all sorts of beautiful pearl jewellery for its customers. Apart from pearl, you can also find here outstanding white gold and yellow gold jewellery sets for you. The brand has multiple stores all around Singapore, with the most easily accessible showrooms located at White Sands Mall and Great World City.

If you would also like to browse among the international collections of pearl necklace sets, we suggest you to take a stroll along Orchard Road, being the main shopping street of Singapore, packed with elegant jewellery stores and shopping malls, which also sell high quality pearl jewellery. Truly, in Singapore, the position of pearl necklaces and the other jewellery are still in the top list. Happy pearl jewellery hunting!

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