Night Safari Singapore

If you are an animal lover who has more leisure time in the evening than in the morning, Night Safari is the right choice to spend the time with your friends or your family. Night Safari Singapore which is located in 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore provides more than 1000 animals to give you not only an excitement but also high quality education on the life of nocturnal animals. You can stop wondering what animals do at night and, instead, share to your friends the adventurous night that you have spent in this zoo and the new knowledge on the nocturnal life.

The Night Safari, operated by Singapore Wildlife Reserve is one of the most fantastic and outstanding attractions of Singapore for all animal fans. Don’t miss the 40 minute long night safari, trust us, it will still end a lot sooner than you would want it, once you are there, being amazed by the wonderful sight of animals who come alive at night.

This world’s first night park has some attractions which are divided into three sections. The first section is Tram Safari. This section enables you to enjoy the 40-minute expedition using tram. There is also a knowledgeable guide who will join your tram to share his/her knowledge while you enjoy the journey to 7 geographical zones in the world. This area will treat your eye with the view of the sight of himalayan tahrs, mouflons and the world’s largest goats-makhors-in Himalayan Foothills, twelve-branch antlers of barashingha deers, manchurian cranes and striped hyenas in Indian Subcontinent, giraffes, zebras, hipopotami and spotted hyenas in Equatorial Africa, babirusa and malayan tiger in Indo-Malayan Region, malayan tapir, asian elephant, bearded pig and red dhole in Asian Riverine Forest, the largest Asian deer-sambar-, axis deer, saurus cranes, indian wolf and greater Asian rhinoceros in Nepalese River Valley and bantengs and gaurs in Burmese Hillside while treating your hearing sense with the sound of rushing water, singing insects and the animals calls.

The Night Safari is a great program, taking you all around the world. The huge park has different parts, each part perfectly adapted to the animals living there. This way we can visit several parts of Asia and even make a great excursion to Africa! The great journey starts by bus. You will start on the Himalayan Foothills where you can see the nightlife of Himalayan species then continues to the Nepalese River Valley with the sight of the site’s authentic animals, like the golden jackal, the one horned rhinoceros or the beautiful pelicans. The journey continues to the Indian subcontinent, home of lots of diverse and unique species just like the cute striped hyena, the barashinga that is also known as swamp deer, the majestic Gir lion and the visiting of the sloth bear. You will be able to see some or all these nice animals in action here living their life, just like home. During the Night Safari you will see several unthreatening beautiful creatures walking right by the side of the bus not even paying much attention to you.

The journey continues with a big jump into the world of Equatorial Africa. Here you will see African born beauties such as the hordes of bongos, the hunting unique looking servile and the marvellous and elegant Cape Giraffe. This is one of the most breathtaking stops of the Night safari together with the next station, then Indo-Malayan Safari, where you can see the most beautiful and dangerous animal in the world, the tigers. These heavily endangered species now enjoy lots of attention on part of all animal rights and animal saving organizations; let us hope that their number will soon grow again. In this part of the Night Safari, you can also get to see the cute wild pig-like babirusa.

Your Night Safari journey then continues to arrive in the Asian Riverine Forest where you can see one unique looking creature, the black and white Malayan Tapirs. These relaxed animals are left to walk around freely giving you chance to get closer to them. The Riverine forest gives home for the Indian elephants and the unique looking red dholes. Upon continuing your Night Safari, the journey stops at the Burmese Hillside, where you can see typical Burmese species like the Gaur and the Thamin, both of them used by locals in Burma for working on the plantations. This is where the bus tour of Night Safari ends. Then you can continue to explore the four walking trails of the Night Safari to see four wonderful species in action by night: the leopard, the fishing cat, East Lodge and Forest giants such as elephants. This journey is a real jungle safari in the dark. Upon your walk, you can watch some great performances of tribal dancers.

The Night Safari is one of the most beautiful and most unique animal viewing programs in the whole world. The Singapore Wildlife Reserve had been granted with several international awards for their hard work in protecting and taking care of the animals with the highest efforts and for the making of this alone standing program, the Night Safari, an all-time favourite.

After having an amazing multi-sensory journey from the Tram Safari experiences, Walking Trail section enables you to continue the journey by watching how the wild cats fish their prey; sniffing the popcorn-like aroma of binturongsand listening the sound of indian gharials and barking deer. Enter also the most popular trail of Night Safari, the Leopard Trail, which provides you the largest collection of indigenous wildlife of Southeast Asia. In this trail you can watch the climbing clouded leopards climbs the tree vertically and the flying giant flying squirrel. In the East Lodge Trail you can feel living under one roof of night savannah with Malayan tigers, babirusa, red river hogs and servals. Before entering the next attraction, the latest attraction Wallaby Trail exists to treat you to live in the Australian outback and highland forests with its unique nocturnal wildlife. Enjoy the taxidermised kangaroo and cassowary, the cuteness of some free-ranging wallaby, the scary scorpions and centipedes in Naracoorte Cave and many others.

There is no other way to end the amazing journey in Night Safari than with the Night Safari Fire Show. Some pyro warriors, Thumbuakar, will heat you up and fill you with new energy with their flame-throwing demonstrations combined with the cultural dances. You do not only need to sit still but you can also be the volunteer on stage or have dinner at Bongo Burgers or drink at Chang Chawang Bar. This event can be enjoyed at 6.45 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm in the Entrance Plaza. Do not forget to complete your adventure with Creature of the Night Show that will involve you in the show of the nocturnal animal’s natural behaviors and skills. You will be made astonished with the actions of the trained binturong, civet and even spotted hyena in the Amphiteathre at 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm. The Night Safari Fire Show and Creature of the Night Show are available on Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holidays.

Night Safari is open from 7.30 pm to 12 pm everyday while the restaurants and retail shops are open from 5.30 pm. No more reason not to visit the Singapore Night Safari since there are direct bus services provided by Singapore Attractions Express (SAEx) which are available for the route from Orchard Road and Little India, from Beach Road, Suntec and Chinatown, and from Jurong Bird Park to Night Safari. Besides, you can also reach the venue using MRT and buses from Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands and Marsiling. For the complete schedule of the transportation, visit the official website of Night Safari.

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