Places to Buy Antique Watches in Singapore

Before we start with our introduction of antique watches in Singapore, let us see what does the term antique watches reflect. When we think about antique watches, most of us imagine the pocket watches then there are the antique clocks, which so many would like to have in their homes nowadays that there is a great revival of colonial style in furniture. The antique watches can be wristwatches; those items that can also be called vintage watches are also sold in Singapore under the name “antique”. Therefore, it is time for us to explore what we can find in this beautiful city, when we are looking for antique watches.

The market of vintage and antique watches is quite a steady one, which even shows the signs of growing. Vintage has become tremendously fashionable in the last some years and new collectors have emerged who are ready to pay fortunes for pieces of antique watches. Yet, luckily, you do not have to be a millionaire in order to get antique watches in Singapore. The price of antique watches here start from around SGD 250 for which you can get great quality antique watches from good brands! Considering the fact that there are about 30 top watches brands in the world and there are about other 30, which also counts in the category of fine watches makes the search much easier for sure. Watches stores like Eddie Antique Watches or Ray Antique watch among the cheapest stores but you must check out the collection of My Clock My Watch because they seem to have some of the most extensive ones. If you are yearning for the “real” antiques for which collectors pay a fortune, you can get to see them at the Heirloom Gallery that deals with high priced antique goods but lets also visitors to look at their collections. All the other stores feature very nice collections of antique wrist and pocket watches so each one of them are worth seeing. By clicking on the names, you can get more details on most stores together with their address.

. Le Collecte, a site for all vintage watch enthusiasts and eBay fans for bargain hunting and reseller resources
. Heirloom Gallery vintage watches
. Monster Time, retailer of quality timepieces
. Past Times, specialising in repairs and restoration of antique clocks and telephones
. SVS Intertrade fine and luxury watches
. Eddie Antique Watches on Orchard Rd. deals with all sorts of antique watches from hanging to standing clocks and antique pocket watches
. Ray Antique Watch on New Bridge Rd. has also a nice variety of antique watches in all forms and styles
. Antique Watch Corner on Marine Parade Road offers a huge variety of antique and pocket watches for collectors and those who like the era of the colonial times
. My Clock My Watch at Toah Payoh Industrial Park offers a large collection on digital, contemporary, luxury and antique watches. They also offer antique, vintage and modern pens and vintage clocks of all sorts.

Check out all these great stores to see the best quality antique watches in Singapore in different price categories. This antique watch seeing tour also equals a great sightseeing in this beautiful city, Singapore.

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