The Best Places to Buy Second-Hand Watches

Although second hand watches do not seem as popular as retail watches, yet their market is quite big if even not that much in the limelight. Many people have to sell their watches that are in fact in a great shape so it is great if you can buy one of these very expensive or formerly expensive items for only a fragment of their original prices. Therefore the second hand watches shops and pawnshops are quite worth visiting even in Singapore. Let us see where you can go if you want to buy second hand watches in Singapore.

HJ Watches and Jewellery is in fact one of the biggest watch stores and retail watch sellers of Singapore. Their shops can be found in several locations all around town and their prices are moderate and can be haggled down sometimes. HJ Watches sell all sorts of luxury watches new and second hand watches and their watch repair business is going great. One of their stores is in the famously cheap Far East Plaza. They are arguably the biggest retailers as there are only very few watches brands which you would not be able to find at them. They also sell rare luxury watches and limited collection luxury watches. Their second hand collection is huge and their collection of antique watches is quite colourful. The good thing in HJ Jewellery and Watches is that you can visit their website and you can easily check their prices out and all their actual discounts on many of their thousands of watches and second hand watches as they are featured on their homepage and in separate sections of watch brands. HJ Watches has been dominating the watches market in the past ten years and if you look for something unique such as Daytona or Graff diamond watch or if you look for a strong brand such as Rolex or Jaeger LeCoultre you are in the perfect place. Apart from original and second hand watches, HJ Watches also sells branded and local fine jewellery as well. Their collections can be browsed also online but there is no chance for buying online. For especially high priced watches and jewellery, you must get in contact with the jewellery.

HJ Watches owns the industry of luxury second hand watches and quality jewellery. They also own the pawnshops Bedok and Sin Lian in Singapore and they have a huge clientele. On their website, you can daily check out the new arrivals and then hurry, if it is a vintage or limited edition piece before someone else takes them. The vintage collection of HJ Watches is strong and really worth looking up.

All second hand watches and jewellery of HJ Watches and Bedok are perfectly renovated when needed. As many items are sold to them in great shape, you can trust in their quality. Their prices are currently the most competitive on the market; so if you are to buy second hand watches or jewellery, you must visit HJ Watches or Bedok Pawnshop. They also offer restoration and jewellery evaluation services.

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