Popular Tourist Attractions in Zagreb

As the capital of Republic of Croatia, there’s much to see in the city of Zagreb. Located in the north central part of the country, Zagreb is the largest city of Croatia. It is the center of the country’s activities when it comes to industrial, manufacturing, and financial matters. Zagreb’s industry progressed because the city produces machinery, chemicals, electrical and metal products, and machine tools, which is very in demand in most countries today. Aside from being the cultural center of Croatia, the city of Zagreb is also popular when it comes to ancient Roman structures making it an attraction for tourists who visit Croatia’s capital.

Andautonia Archaeological Park is one of the most visited attractions in Zagreb located near the village of Scitarjevo. In this archaeological park can be found the remains of the ancient Roman town called Andautonia which until now is under excavation. The town existed about 400 years ago and famous for its economic, administrative, cultural and religious center. Tourists are able to view more than 26, 000 square foot of the Roman city complete with parts like the main streets, side streets, colonnades, and city baths with admission fee at a given time.

If you want to know the history of the country, never fail to visit the historical place that houses the most important details about the country of Croatia, the Croatian History Museum. The museum itself can be found at Vojkovic-Orsic-Rauch, a Baraque palace built at the end of the 18th century and formerly the residency of three passed Croatian barons and their families with its interiors perfectly preserved. Before it has been declared as the place for historical artifacts, Zagreb mayors are the inhabitants of the palace in 1930s. The museum has now more than 140, 000 of artifacts arranged in different museum-collections and all of these are cultural and historical heritage collected from the Middle ages up to now. Because of limited facilities, tourists are able to see some of the collections for every temporary exhibitions held by the Museum administrators related to Croatian political, economical, cultural and social history. Croatian National museum is only one of the many museums that can be found in Croatia.

Croatians also value performing artists for its National Theater in Zagreb. World-class performance of ballet, dramatic, opera and music are being held in this visited place. Aside from those, one would never ignore the breathtaking structure built on 1894 with ceremonial painted curtain done by Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac and auditorium ceiling decorated by Viennese artist Alexander Goltz. Who will never miss visiting town squares that can be seen in most popular countries? Zagreb houses a lot of town squares around the city and among these is the Zrinski Square with music pavilion and fountains. It was the place of Croatian Academy of Arts in 1876 and Strossmayer Gallery of old masters. When it comes to Art Pavilion, Tomislav Square is popular as you’ll be led to the painter who painted the Croatian Renaissance monument. Marulic Square is also popular because of the University Library which is in every aspect a sample of an art Noveau.

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