Shopping in Zagreb

Sometimes the only way a person can find his or her happiness is through shopping. It’s the reason why shopping venues are very important for a country to have where its people can find the necessities they need such as food, appliances and of course, clothes. Croatia is no exception when it comes to these needs as it has various well-known fashion designers who contributed to the welfare of the fashion industry as well as other native products they could be proud of.

As the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is the center of all things in Croatia. The city is very well known for its well-developed commerce whether it’s manufacturing, industrial or financial services. With support from these aspects, shopping in the city of Zagreb is much enjoyable for its inhabitants and guests. Clothing is one of Zagreb’s saleable products nowadays especially purchased by both residents and guests. Among of the city’s variety of quality clothing line, the cravat or commonly known as tie, was named after a French corrupt pronunciation cravate, making Croatia the homeland of a thing which millions of people wear around their necks and close to their heart. As a homeland of cravate, Croata produced Croatian neckties that are original as most tourists like them as a souvenir of their visit to the country.

Though not that popular for those citizens in Croatia, printed t-shirts with Croatian languages prints are available in Zagreb as well as Croatia’s other towns. To fit the rising trend, adults and children can wear these designs as a souvenir from the country as most stores give discounts upon ordering and paying in cash. Ballpoint pens are also one of the best sellers when it comes to Croatian products in Zagreb. A fellow Croatian citizen Slavoljub Eduard Penkala invented these pens that we are using these days as an important tool in writing the necessary details we are involved in. Aside from these products, Zagreb also offer products made of crystal, ceramics and china which is an important material on things such as dining plates and others.

Croatians also sells native products in any shopping venues at the city of Zagreb. Some of these native products includes wicker materials which are hard woven fabric usually used to form a useful object such as baskets and furnitures. These baskets and furnitures are available in Zagreb in different designs which suits the taste of every buyer. Aside from using wicker materials, the useful straw is also used in making baskets for the people of Croatia. Wines are very in demand in Croatia too as most visitors tend to go there to unwind, needing drinks while chatting with friends. These wines are made with top quality ingredients in order to make an exceptional wine. Aside from this, Croatians are also into gastronomy which is popularly about the relationship between food and culture.

Nowadays shopping in Zagreb is easy as people can now shop through online ordering and be delivered after. This service helps Croatians and guests to save their selves in travelling to malls back and forth with a little service charge.

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