Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is definitely for those who prefer the nature above city life and who want to get out of the crowded city of Singapore. The Punggol Beach is nothing much of spectacular but offers you the relaxed atmosphere of the nature of Singapore with some smaller things and facilities over there to visit.

Punggol Beach differs entirely from the beaches of Sentosa Island. This is not a much frequently visited beach but mostly locals and families come here, together with all the anglers who want to get a good catch in the silent waters, which they would not really be able to do at a place like Sentosa or inner Singapore, which is busy together with the waters there. In the places like Punggol, you can really catch some restaurants and buffets that sell food made from the fishes caught in the morning. The Punggol atmosphere is silent, although civilisation comes here too, by the building of living districts, which can be seen from the beach too. Yet the nature is so much closer to you when you are here in Punggol and you can make some very nice excursions too in the area of Punggol, which has very nice green fields and little villages that you can visit.

Punggol Beach is not that far from Singapore with good traffic, it will take you around 40 minutes to get here from the downtown of the city. Punggol Beach also has a rich marine society in its Marina where several boats and yachts are stored and when it is good weather, you will see a busy port of the Punggol Marina. Otherwise, the other attractions being close to Punggol include one Christian temple and one very little Buddhist temple, which is in fact closer to be rather a shrine than a real church. If you are by car you will surely find some great sites close to Punggol Beach and the other facility here is to take the boat and travel to the neighbouring Pulau Ubin Island which is great for its nature and beautiful authentic villages where you can stroll for hours and even more. Although Pulau Ubin will not serve you with shops, there are some good restaurants over there too, where you can try some of the best specialities of Singapore. From Pulau Ubin you will be able to see the shores of neighbouring Malaysia as well. Pulau Ubin also has another island next to it which is less visited with lots more wildlife, but there are tours going there from time to time.

As you can see Punggol Beach is no short of natural sites to see and to visit and most importantly it is a perfect site for walking and for swimming in the beautiful turquoise water of the sea when the weather is good. There are some shopping possibilities here too, when you want to get some refreshment drinks and sandwiches of course. The Punggol beach is an open beach, which is free to visit.

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