Renting a Villa in Mauritius

There are many ways to enjoy the devastating beauty of the island nation of Mauritius. The main island of Mauritius plays host to some of the most lavish hotel and resort complexes available on this earth, with activities and relaxation pursuits to suit the masses. Yet an increasingly popular way of experiencing the island is by renting a villa, a pursuit seen as generally less commercial and giving the chance to explore all of Mauritius thoroughly. After all, the complexes are often so well designed it is tempting to stay in your hotel suite and private beach for the duration – villas, however, offer a somewhat more open way of experience all the delights Mauritius has to offer.

If you have decided a villa holiday is for you, you’re in luck. Tapping in to this market are many niche travel companies, who only offer holiday packages and villas for those wishing to spend time in any of the glorious islands of the Indian Ocean. Unsurprisingly, Mauritius is one of their most popular destinations. These companies are easily found on the Internet, offering specialized villas in Mauritius.

When it comes to Mauritius villas, there is little difference from selecting a villa anywhere else in the world. The choices begin in the type of accommodation you desire. While most villas are self catering – as is standard – some villas near the capital of Mauritius island Port Louis are built around a centrepoint, such as a set of restaurants. For a price, you can get a Mauritius villa pre-stocked with food for snacks and have main meals at a restaurant which is a mere moments walk away.

Along the same theme, many resorts also include private swimming pools, golf courses, spas, saunas and fishing for the people staying in their villas. These differ slightly from the traditional hotel complexes in their price – they are generally more expensive – due to the size of the villas. It is possible to rent villas that sleep up to eight people, though smaller self-catering villas with cost adjusted accordingly are also available.

The Mauritius villa scene really comes into it’s own, however, around from the main port and capital of Port Louis. It becomes possible to rent a villa, for a substantial fee, seemingly devoid of any real-life distractions. The epitome of luxury, these tend to come with their own private beach area, so you can experience Mauritius as if you and your companions are the only people on the island. These villas tend to be maintained well and have a constant contact point with people who can help with any problems, much like renting a villa anywhere else in the world.

When you’ve decided which type of villa holiday you prefer – resort or isolated glory – the question becomes one of price. In one of the main luxury resorts on the island, you can rent just the villa (self catering) for around L350 week, which will sleep two people. For larger parties, prices can inflate to around L840 per week, which sleeps six people.

These, however, are not extortionate, particularly when compared to staying in a full-blown hotel complex on the island. Villas at these prices do not include flights or transfers, merely providing self-catering accommodation from which you can base your Mauritian experience. The standard of accommodation and maintenance on the island is generally excellent, so book with confidence and enjoy all Mauritius has to offer without paying hotel complex prices.

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