Sentosa Theme Park

Sentosa Island, also called Sentosa Theme Park is a theme park in itself containing so many different sites and attractions that it can by all accounts be called Sentosa Theme Park. When you get here, you will see that it is not enough to spend a day here, not even a week would be enough to explore all what it has to offer.

Already getting to Sentosa is a real adventure if you choose to go with the cable car that goes to the island from the World Trade Centre of Singapore. Of course, for those afraid of height there are choices to go by bus or by a ferry. Sentosa is the playground of Singapore and every family come here to spend a beautiful day during the weekends. The Sentosa theme park is also a resort having around ten great hotels and spas on its area. Sentosa Theme Park is so large we will enlist its main sites and attractions in four groups according to their location: The Imbiah Lookout, the Siloso Point, Beaches and Resorts World Sentosa.

The Imbiah Lookout is the richest in attractions within Sentosa Theme Park; here you can find the famous Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom with one of the richest collections in the world of butterflies and insects of all sorts. This is a fantastic place and one everlasting favourite for the locals too. The MegaZip Adventure Park can also be found over here with great facilities for children, featuring the longest zip wire and aerial rope course. Here you can find facilities for every age and every sort of physical condition and experience ClimbMax and ParaJump facilities.

In the Imbiah Lookout, there are several multimedia representations and informative shows for everyone, containing the Desperado 3D game, the Singapore 4D Magic or the Sentosa CineBlast are all great to watch. There are daily guided tours leading into the wildlife of Sentosa Nature Discovery, a real jungle site where you can see several interesting species like the Magpie Robin one of the most beautiful endangered birds who by luck and thanks to all the help of the Nature Discovery feels at home and breeds nicely over here. There are several playful activities and interactive exhibitions available to watch over here. You should not miss to see Sentosa’s Merlion trademark statue and the beautiful Tiger Tower. Do not miss the Skyline Huge Sentosa that is a real adventure journey partly by go-kart partly on a toboggan delivers you a great experience.

Getting to the Siloso point firstly, you can see the Fort Siloso that can be interesting for everyone interested in Singapore’s history. The fun activity of Siloso is the Underwater World and Dolphinarium, one other great and must-see attraction of Sentosa Theme Park featuring underwater life in all aspects. A real unique place! If you want to relax, you must not miss the beautiful beaches of Sentosa Theme Park where you can find also lots of attractions and facilities, just like Animal and Bird Encounters, the GoGreen Cycle Island Explorer or the GoGreen Eco Adventure. Do not miss the Flying Trapeze and the Wave House attractions! The Songs of the Sea is among the most beautiful attractions of Sentosa Theme Park. However, the rest of the best is just coming!

In the Resorts World Sentosa Complex, you will find the worldwide famous Universal Studio, the biggest theme park of all Asia. This is a great place for leisure and fun activities, great for every age. You can see parts of movies, shows and presentations and the whole theme park is huge, one day is surely not enough to explore it. Other beautiful attractions of Sentosa Theme Park here include the Crane Dance, the Lake of Dreams and the resorts great Marine Life Park will be ready soon to welcome every guest.

As you see, Sentosa Theme Park is really a place where you will not feel bored not even for a second! The great Sentosa Theme Park features enough attractions for a month. The island also serves as the main beach of Singapore and it is packed with worldwide brands of resorts and spas.

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