Sterling Silver Necklace Creations

Silver may not seem as trendy as gold in the world of jewellery, but if we take a closer look, we will find elite silver jewellery all around the world. Luckily, most of the top brands of silver jewellery can be found in Singapore, the shopping paradise in Asia. In our article we will explore where you can find all the best and unique silver jewellery stores in Singapore.

Silver and Sterling Silver creations are widely worn by millions all around the world. Silver, with its beautiful shine, goes extremely well with gemstones. Even white gold was created to mimic the beautiful outlook of classic silver jewellery. In fact, the interesting fact about silver is that it is the shiniest precious metal in the world. Silver is worn by many who do not like the yellow shining of gold and by those who are allergic to gold. Silver is worn widely in Muslim countries where religion prohibits men to wear gold jewellery. Singapore is an outstanding place when it comes to shopping and the fact, that shopping is the most popular hobby of Singaporean people, tells all about the great shopping possibilities all around town. The shiny malls of the Orchard Road and the elegant shopping streets of the colonial Bayfront area offer a great deal of jewellery stores with the best brands from all around the world.

Let us see the most popular silver jewellery brands we can find in Singapore:

Pandora – the Danish jewellery brand, which makes its great collections in Thailand, has become quickly famous with its easily accessible collections all around the world. Pandora offers beautiful silver jewellery and jewellery made of alternative materials and metals with the use of colourful precious and semi precious gemstones. The silver necklace designs of Pandora are extremely popular everywhere, some of which are offered on silver chains while other half offered in forms of pendants with a rubber, leather or textile band. Pandora offers both silver and oxidised silver jewellery in diverse designs. You can find the stores of Pandora in Singapore at ION Orchard, Great World City, Takashiyama Mall, Raffles City, Millennia Walk, Marina Bay Sands and Tampines.

Thomas Sabo: The Canadian jewellery brand is famous all around the world offering high quality Sterling Silver and Diamond jewellery. The charms of Thomas Sabo are some of the biggest trends today among women and its outstanding designs are extremely beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. The brand offers quality jewellery, silver necklace creations and pendants for both men and women. With its silver jewellery decorated with precious gemstones, the brand is also the most expensive but when it comes to silver, it is definitely worth the price. Thomas Sabo has four main lines of Sterling Silver collections: Seasonal, Classic, Rebel at Heart and Special Addition. In Singapore, you can find the showrooms of the brand at Ion Orchard, Raffles City, Marina Bay Sands and Takashiyama Mall.

When talking about genuine local brands of silver jewellery in Singapore, you can see and buy beautiful silver necklace collections on the website of Peppy Silver, which has a huge collection of silverware online. Silvert Heart Jewellery is another fine brand located at West Mall Shopping Centre Bukit Batok Central Link. You should also check out Kathmandoo offering fine silverware coming straight from Nepal and offering several beautiful silver necklace sets nicely decorated with semi-precious stones. Kathmandoo sells its collections straight from its website.

If you would like to further look for silver creations, you can also check out the jewellery stores of Chinatown and Little India, which also offer silver jewellery. Check out the stores mentioned above, and it is for sure that you will end up buying not one but multiple collections of beautiful silver necklace creations.

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