Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum hosts the biggest collection of past and contemporary artworks by the large number of talented contemporary artists of Singapore. This is a great building with a beautiful garden, which gives you a great chance to enjoy the art scene of Singapore while having a great time.

The Singapore Art Museum is the museum that houses all the best and notable artwork of Singapore. It currently features 7,750 items, in forms of all sorts of different art pieces. Besides the continuously exhibited items, there are temporary and guest exhibitions held several times a year. The beautiful Museum organizes many cultural events inside.

Location: The Singapore Art Museum has a very good downtown setting, located in the main shopping district of Singapore by the Waterloo Street, which is very easily accessible from every point. The Singapore Art Museum’s area could as well be called a cultural entertaining district as it contains several exhibition centres, galleries and other visual and audio performance sites such as the Sculpture Square or the Action Theatre. The most notable arts school of Singapore can also be found here called Singapore School of the Arts which gives several talented contemporary artists for the country and of course for the whole world.

History: The Singapore Art Museum was one of the first art museums with progressed facilities in Asia when it opened in 1995 October on the name Fine Arts Museum back then, which later has changed to its current name. The museum’s existence can be thanked to the complex National Museum project, which aimed to set up five national museums in the area of Singapore. The building of the Singapore Art Museum is the colonial style building of St. Joseph’s catholic school, a marvellous art piece in itself too, the renovation of which was a hard work and a long lasting project during the time with an outstanding outcome. One of the best features of the Singapore Art Museum is its beautiful building with the marvellous tropical gardens featuring some notable modern sculptures that are in harmony with the garden very finely.

The very first notable installation of the museum can be seen already from the main entrance, it is a 7 metres high Swarovski crystal chandelier, which looks simply breathtaking. The chandelier weighs altogether 325 kilograms for the value of USD 90.000.

Exhibitions: One part of the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum is taken from the past collections of the National Museum Art Gallery. These 93 art pieces make one outstanding part of the museum’s complete exhibition scene. Thanks to all the great efforts of the museum and all the donations it received, it continuously widens its palette of fine art works and also accepts some great temporary and around-the-world exhibitions such as the world famous Guggenheim Museum’s exhibition of contemporary art or the also world famous exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s art pieces. One part of the museum contains the ordinary visual type of exhibition; another part features interactive-exhibitions that are more complex. The Singapore Art Museum is also a favourite scene to view the art works of the most famous Chinese contemporary artists. The museum also does its very best to promote and teach more about the arts.

If you are into fine arts or simply you want to see one of the historical outstanding buildings with a beautiful relaxed garden with an artistic atmosphere, then do not miss to visit the great Singapore Art Museum. If you are lucky during your visit, you may also run into a festival or other even hosted by the museum. The Singapore Art Museum is definitely one of the most beautiful museums of Singapore.

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