Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a very special zoo, not just an ordinary one you can find anywhere in the world. This beautiful Zoo is aiming the animals’ wellbeing and this way their land of living is a lot bigger than in any zoo and even, several harmless species can go around freely in the territory of Singapore Zoo. This wonderful place is a must-see for all families and animal fans. If you are from the adventurous type, you should not miss the famous Night Safari tour of the Singapore Zoo: a great and even greater experience!

The Zoo is a place for animals are kept so that people can go and look at them, also observe or study them. For those who live in Singapore, they are very lucky because they have the most beautiful wildlife park setting in the world, Singapore Zoo. Singapore Tourism Board awarded nine times for this zoo as the Best Leisure Attraction Experience in Singapore. It is the evidence that this place is worth to visit. Singapore Zoo has more than 2.800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles and those animals live in 26-hectare of the land which located within the lush Mandai rainforest and Upper Seletar Reservoir.

This wildlife park built on 1973 and since it opened for public, more and more visitors come and visit. The visitors can be getting closer to the animals and get different pleasure from surroundings. Many of the animal habitats combines special viewing features such as elevated platforms to view the giraffe exhibit, underwater galleries to see the watery worlds of otters, pygmy hippos and giant estuarine crocodiles, as well as glass observatories to see predatory cheetahs and lions. Visitors also can see the savannah grasslands and feel the Africa’s atmosphere in Wild Africa where lions, zebras, and rhinoceroses stay. Take a walk to the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and meet the colony of Hamadryas baboons. Then meet the kangaroos and feed them at Australian Outback. Visitors can get intimate encounters with the animals in one space. Continue to the Fragile Forest where flying fox soar freely and mousedeers and lemurs are ready to welcome the guest.

The Singapore Zoo or locally called the Mandai Zoo is a 28-hectare large territory absolutely created as a wildlife jungle in order for the animals to feel at home over here. The Zoo itself is located within a natural reserve and the whole complex is operated by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore whose tasks is to make sure of all animals and plants wellbeing together with the operating of the several tourist programmes such as the Night Safari. The Zoo gives home for 315 species among which about 16% is endangered. The Zoo proudly gives home to the largest group of orang-utans ever lived in a zoo. From the time of its opening in 1973 the zoo was nature conscious and proved no chains and other ways of cages but worked with hidden barriers in order for both the animals and the visitors feel better inside. As said before the species here get a much larger place for their area so that they can feel good within the Singapore Zoo.

The Singapore Zoo looks amazing featuring wildlife landscapes, lots of trees and plants creating a jungle atmosphere, with making it even more beautiful with pools waterfalls for the animals to enjoy. This Zoo attracts the largest crowd of people and considered among the best ever zoos in the world. Either you can walk or you can use a many sorts of transportation just like pony or horseback rides even on a boat, a tram, a stroller or wagons. This surely makes your visit a lot more colourful in the great Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo, together with the Night Safari contribute largely to help the operations of the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre which has opened in 2006 and its been considered great in preserving the nature helping and healing animals doing lots of efforts for the animals of the Zoo and in whole Singapore in cooperation with other organizations. The Singapore Zoo is very proud to have been the first tropical zoo in the world to have bread a polar bear called Inuka.

Singapore Zoo has several great and funny programs for the children. Among these, we can enlist breakfast with an orang-utan during which you can meet and interact with an orang-utan. Other programs include feedings and the animal keepers teaching for the children about animals. Other great shows include the “Rainforest Fights Back” show, which is a play for the children played by actors alongside animals fighting for the forest this way teaching the children to protect and love the nature.

The Night Safari is a fantastic journey partly on foot and on the river when you can see Zoo animals living their lives, eating, washing or hunting at night. This is one of the best ever programs in the world including several performances as well; so do not miss it out! Among the future projects of Singapore Zoo, we can find the great program called River Safari scheduled to start in 2012. This cruise will open another large area for the zoo with 5000 animals including 500 species. Singapore Zoo also aims to host and rebreed the giant Panda, which is famously very hard to keep or breed in captivity, and it’s very sensitive to any changes so the Zoo has already planted and grows their beloved bamboo, the only thing pandas eat in an 8 thousand square meter large territory. They will live in a temperature-controlled area. Another great area will be the Frozen Tundra part of the zoo which will be in a large also temperature controlled area in order to house polar and tundra animals such as polar beer, racoon dogs.

It is almost holiday season. Everyone must be having their own plan to spend their holiday with their families. Simple but meaningful, that is what every family want to spend their holiday. Going to theme park could be as an alternative to parent for holiday. Theme park is easy, simple and there are many attractions for all to have fun. For people who do not want to have holiday abroad or they want something simple, theme park become the right place to visit. Every country must be having their own theme park, for example Walt Disney in US, or now Universal Studio in some countries in the world. Every theme park have different theme. Those theme parks are providing many attractions and entertainment. Water theme park also can be the other option, the other option can be animal park. It could be Bird Park or Zoo.

One thing that the visitor should do in Singapore Zoo is having breakfast with the animals. This wildlife park gives special program, Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, in Ah Meng Restaurant (Terrace) from 9.00am-10.30am. People can enjoy the menu of western-style and local delights, and they will also be having it in the company of free-ranging orang utans. People can take a photo with the charming apes and other forest animals. For kids, they can enjoy the time and get wet in Rainforest Kidzworld. They can ride ponies or play and also learn about animal in this zone. The elephants will give the visitors best attraction in Elephants at Work and Play Show. Visitors can see how smart and funny the elephants in the show. The uniformed guide will accompany them to perform the attractive show.

Singapore Zoo is designed not only as a theme park for having fun, but also it is a learning centre for guest to understand about animal’s life. This park also becomes a wildlife research place and conservation for preserving biodiversity of animal. It opens at 8.30am and close at 6pm. Paying the tickets only $13.00 for children and $20.00 for adults. There is MRT Stations to Singapore Zoo on the North-South (Red) Line then take public buses to the zoo. It is about 30-minutes drive away from the city. It is easy to reach for people who want a simple trip and want a wild experience. Take a time for planning the trip with the family to this animal theme park. It will be inspired for people to learn, appreciate, and respect the animals. It is simple and meaningful for every people of all ages.

In order to get to the Singapore Zoo used the bus Nr. 171 going from Raffles Hotel or Orchard road or from the Mandai Road. For more information, call the Raffles Hotel. Singapore Zoo is alone standing beautifully attraction of Singapore, which is really worth visiting.

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