Singapore’s Best Jewellery Shopping Places

Welcome to Singapore, the place of dynamic island in Southeast Asia that is ready to give people new sensations of shopping and city tour. The place is known as the Garden City for its always green and clean condition. With the multi culture cosmopolitan city environment, people who visit the city will be welcomed by four major ethnic groups of Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. The result of the racial tolerance promoted by the government is the deep understanding among the different groups and the melting pot culture that influences the product of art and industry in Singapore. The variety of the culture makes the product of art in Singapore becomes very unique, including the product of jewellery. Other than international brands which are planted their root in the city, the local product of jewellery also becomes the prima donna in the market. Supported by the large availability of jewellery shop in the city, the jewellery business becomes a growing market which is very promising for both jewellers and jewellery seekers. Below places are some hot spots and boutiques in which people will meet potential jewellery shops.

The Orchard Road
Talking about shopping in Singapore will never be far away from this location. The road which ranges over 2 km in the heart of the city hosts so many shopping malls and exclusive mono-brand boutiques that will satisfy people’s thirst upon good fashion. Some jewellery brands that people can find on the road are the collection by Eunice Creations, the M.C.L collections, and Mimco. These brands give unique and exclusive design according to each producer’s specialties. Eunice’s showroom will be full of jade jewel in various forms of earrings, pendants, and bangles. The jewellery is added with semi-precious stones and crystals. The price of the creations by Eunice is very convenient for all people. The M.C.L will amuse its customers with funky collection of chunky bracelets and rings. Unique collections of ethnic bangles and ornate cocktail rings are the major commodities of the M.C.L. The distinctive collections from the manufacturer even have reached the hand of the Hollywood stars. Mimco has its own different story; it is very popular for its collection of boho-chic trinkets. For people with free and distinctive fashion statement, Mimco is surely their first destination.

Marina Square Shopping Mall
For people who love to spend their time by the bay, Marina Square shopping mall which is located near the Marina bay will be a perfect choice. The mall is very convenient to shop, eat, play, and have a relaxing moment with friends and family. Over 300 retails filling the mall are providing the need of people with classy lifestyle. All people can join the joy of buying some stuff at the best casual first class stores in the mall. For people who are looking for jewellery, there are some fashion stores like Mango, Zara, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge’s, MiJu, and many more jewellery boutiques. International brands of jewellery by famous fashion lines are also available in the more exclusive level of the mall. Don’t miss it!

Takayashima Singapore
Coming from the Sakura Country of Japan, Takayashima Singapore is built to represent the Japan itself. It is the mall of all about Japan. The stores and concept of the building are truly reflecting the Japanese specialties. The Takayashima Singapore is the second breed outside Japan, and it is truly an exclusive shopping mall which hosts International brands of jewellery and watches. Meet the boutique by Hublot, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and even the Jaeger LeCoultre inside the mall.

Nge Ann City
Just as its unique name, the plaza has unique specialties and architectural figure. Nge Ann City houses more than 130 specialty stores. It becomes the home of many famous international fashion brands; makes it become so popular for either tourist or localities. Some of the exclusive labels available inside the mall are Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, and Cartier. The other names which are also popular are Ermenegildo Zegna, Zara, A/X Armani Exchange, and also Calvin Klein. Chanel, Gucci, and even Boucheron with their specialties in exclusive jewellery are also planting their root in this shopping mall. When it comes to luxury jewellery and impressive accessories, Nge Ann City is truly a perfect destination.

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