S’Pore Discovery Centre

S’Pore Discovery Centre

Discover the truly Singapore in S’Pore Discovery Centre. The venue that shares the story of Singapore in an interactive way provides the museum, art gallery and science centre in one place. There are two main attractions in S’Pore Discovery Centre which is located at 510 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore. Those are Main Attractions and Other Attractions. The Main Attractions consist of 15 attractions that will enable you to learn the history of Singapore in some attractive ways, while Other Attractions have 5 attractions that will enable you to learn all military things plus test your dexterity in shooting.

S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) is really a multicoloured cultural and educational centre with presentations, interactive exhibitions and using other virtual ways in order to represent the history, the present and the expected future of Singapore. It gives locals a great motivation to continue building this already outstanding state. The idea of establishing SDC goes back to 1988 when the first plans of the S’pore Discovery Centre came out. Constructions started in 1992 with the support of MINDEF in the location of SAFTI Military Institute. The designers of the SDC are internationally high ranked studios. S’pore Discovery Centre opened in 1996. In 1998, several changes applied in the system of presentation making the SDC an issue-based oriented institute and in 2001, other redesigning construction works applied. 

Entering the first Main Attraction is The Gateway. This attraction enables you to learn the history of Singapore through the video with MTV style. Sounds fun, right? Besides using the MTV style, the So Singapore Theatre which is the next attraction enables you to see the other side of Merlion. This Singapore mascot will sing and rap about Singapore and other little things that we usually do not care. Next is Portals. This venue gives you insight on the way Singapore deals with its racial-religious-meritocracy-and-corruption-related problems. This can be a good thing to learn to overcome the same problems in other countries. Portals teach you this by using multimedia.

Be the witness of how the largest multimedia show in Singapore in the gigantic globe symbolizes Singapore’s global aspiration at Spectacle. This gigantic globe will exude the lights and sounds with kaleidoscope of Singapore’s images. The 24/7 next to the previous attraction provides richly-textured sounds of Singapore. The kinetic sculpture in this area is tribute to the unknown heroes of the country. Learn also the Singapore’s land planning in Build It! area. The giant cube hanging in the middle of the room will show you the projection of the land planning in a very interesting way. Want to know what will happen if Raffles Place MRT Station is bombed? Visit the Crisis Simulation Theatre that will show you the simulation and decide whether you will let it happen. There are so many other astonished attractions that you will never regret visiting. Those attractions will show you the big dreams, hopes and spirit of the small country, Singapore, and how the city with various religions and cultures can live in harmony. Try to conclude all your experiences and report them as a one-day reporter in On-Location Reporter or relieve your astonishment by moving and shaking your body in Digital Dance Studio before going to the Other Attractions.

The Other Attractions consist of iWERKS that gives you time to enjoy some high-quality 2D and D movies in the giant screen, XD Theatre that lets you pump your adrenaline by riding the 4D simulation, Crossfire Paintball that enables you to be one of the soldiers, SAFTI Bus Tour that will give you a glimpse of the 98-hectare military institute and, last but not the least, the Shooting Gallery that will give you an opportunity to test your shooting skill against your friend or family using the real pistols. S’Pore Discovery Centre is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Some vehicles can be used to reach this place. MRT Bus enables you to have 5 minutes walk from Joo Koon MRT Station to S’Pore Discovery Centre, while the bus has the SBS Service 182 and 193 from Boon Lay Interchange to this venue. Do not doubt to ride your own vehicle because you will not be charged for parking here. If you decide to ride your own, use the Exit 40 from Expressway (PIE) or Exit 20 from Expressway (AYE).

If you want to have more knowledge when discovering the attractions at S’Pore Discovery Centre, just approach the Guest Service Associates on the venue. Besides being able to ask more, your trip will also be planned by these friendly guides. The Gallery Guided Tours are available at 10.30 am, 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Complete your visit by owning some memorable souvenirs from the souvenir and gift store. You can buy not only simple thing such as the SDC Logo T-Shirt but also intellectual souvenirs such as the Racial Harmony Keyholder, SDC Trexi for imaginative play. Moreover, currently until November 30, 2012 you can create your own toy for your friend by using friendly used materials in Think Tank Exhibition.

S’pore Discovery Centre is a very special place, both a historical exhibition a present statement and future-discovering place in one. This interesting scientific centre was created in order to bring both Singaporeans and tourists closer to the history and to the main motivation of Singaporeans, to create a great future for Singapore. S’pore Discovery Centre is one of the most exciting attractions of Singapore a centre for learning and for motivating Singapore’s further development.

S’pore Discovery Centre gives place for the artworks of ultra-modern and futuristic plans and designs. Some of the futuristic designs you will see are plans waiting to be realised. S’pore Discovery Centre concentrates on the encouraging of locals to contribute and work hard for their land to stay and to become unique.

Exhibitions of S’pore Discovery Centre include:  

* Fabric of the Nation: an artwork represents the love of Singaporeans for their land.  

* So Singapore : A great interactive presentation on the famous Merlion and discussion on why it’s a trademark

* S’Pore Discovery Centre Cinema: The discovery centre houses a very popular cinema system featuring up-to-date movies in 2D and 3D.

* Guided Tours: there are guided tours going around the S’Pore Discovery Centre representing all the wonders of exhibitions the complex houses. There are different bus tours too, which you can attend.

* Army Museum of Singapore: admission to the S’pore Discovery Centre might also allow guests to visit the nearby lying Army Museum of Singapore.

* Special and yearly events: S’pore Discovery Centre hosts several types of programs such as family days, educational days and other private parties too.

This listing contains the entertaining virtual exhibitions and other attractions of S’pore Discovery City:

* Gateway: great virtual video clip like presentation of Singapore’s history and the contradiction wall featuring clever sayings and aphorisms.

* Harmony Circle:  a nice interactive game show with the ultimate goal for everyone to learn more about Singapore’s history.

* On-Location reporter: this is a great chance for you to try your news reading skills in a chosen topic.

* Enterprise Quest

* Spectacle: this is among the most beautiful performances on a bright pink globe representing Singapore coming alive with all the lights and sounds, which make the whole very futuristic.

* Smart Show: this is a great learning show, which aims to enhance the importance of learning.

* 24/7: this is an interactive exhibition built on all the different sounds of town you can hear.

* Crisis simulation theatre: this is a great experience, trying to prepare people on what to do in extreme and unexpected situations. You can learn a lot on prevention and terrorist prevention too.

* Build It: this is where several future ideas get represented during a great audiovisual exhibition.

* Battlefield command: this is a gaming zone for youngsters who want to exercise their battlefield skills in diverse computer games.

* Digital dance floor: If you want to have some fun with music, do not be shy, and dance on the interactive dance floor.

And this is far from being enough, there are plenty more attractions awaiting guests in the S’pore Discovery Centre and for sure it’s a paradise for the thinking and planning minds and those who want to know what leads Singapore always forward. S’pore Discovery Centre has different kinds of entrance tickets starting from the normal to the complex, which includes additional cinema and museum visits.      

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