Sterling Silver Bracelets in Singapore

Singapore is indeed a great place to buy jewelry as there are many jewelry shops which sell a lot of variety of accessory, starting from leather, metal, silver, gold, and even diamond. Some people might think why should I go to Singapore to buy jewelry while I can go online and find the jewels I like and purchase them online. Well, it is true that you can buy jewelry online without having to spend more money and energy going around from shop to shop to find the jewel you are looking for. However, some online shops are not willing to ship the items to a certain country, not to mention the risk of getting the items lost during the shipment, or being the victim of some fake online shop, or receiving the jewel that does not look the same as the one you picked online. Sometimes the traditional way is better than the online shopping, moreover if we are talking about jewels. Unless it is a reputable online store and can guarantee you the shipment and the items you buy.

There are many alternatives material for accessories, but if you want a stunning looking of accessory with an affordable price, you might be looking for silver. As for the kind, bracelet is one of the most picked accessories for men and women because of its unisex and versatility. A silver bracelet is a perfect accessory for any kinds of event and suitable to be used for day or night. The shine of the silver makes silver bracelet looks glamour and elegant, although the price is not as expensive as gold or diamond bracelet. However, silver bracelet needs to be taken care cautiously as the color can easily be tarnished after some time. This is why there is a certain term for silver, the 925 sterling silver.

The 925 sterling silver is a silver that contains 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% additional metal, commonly copper. This composition is the general composition of silver for accessory. However, this does not mean that the 925 sterling silver accessory is not better than the 100% pure silver accessory because the combination has a certain purpose. Pure silver has a tender texture and can be easily bent or break, and it oxidizes quickly, which causes the tarnish. This 7.5% additional metal, or copper, is intended to harden the silver and slows down the oxidization to make the color and shine stay longer. That is why silver bracelet is usually the 925 sterling silver considering that accessory is exposed to many air pollution and sweat.

Knowing the information about the 925 sterling silver, now you know what to look for when buying a silver bracelet. In Singapore, there are a lot of stores that offer you the kind of silver, five of them are really specializing in selling silver accessories, which means you can get a silver bracelet in the store without have to worry that the silver is fake.

The first silver accessory store is the Joy Jewellery. It was originated from the Island of Bali in 1996. The silver is made of the highest quality of Indonesian and Italian 925 sterling silver. Joy Jewellery serves customers from Singapore and throughout the Asia. In Singapore, Joy Jewellery can be found in 107 Kew Crescent, Bedok, East Singapore. Another famous silver store in Singapore is the Heart to Heart Jewellery. If you are looking for professionally hand-made silver accessories, Heart to Heart Jewellery is the place. You can easily found the boutique since there are 11 Heart to Heart Jewellery boutiques spread throughout Singapore.

Tiffany and Co. in Singapore offers you large selections of silver jewelry from the traditional designs until the modern and embellished designs with the choice of platinum or gold or white gold settings. They also offer a variety of men and wedding accessories. So make sure you come to this place if you are looking for an engagement or a wedding ring. If other stores offer the hand-made sterling silver accessories, Fusion Silver Jewellery offers you high technology-made sterling silver accessories. Using the cutting edge technology and proprietary processes, Fusion Silver Jewellery guarantees you creations that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world.

The fifth store specializing in selling 925 sterling silver accessories is the Autium Silver Jewellery. They process the silver using a high pressure vacuum combine with their fusion technology which make their unique designs are suitable on any wearer. Of course there are many other stores in Singapore selling silver accessories. You can also find famous online stores in Singapore such as Kathmandoo Jewellery and Peppy Silver Jewellery. Just make sure that you order from the best online stores if you want to buy the accessories online and it is the 925 sterling silver.

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