Swarovski Necklaces in Singapore

Swarovski has been created as a company to make all sorts of home decoration made of crystals. The high quality work of the brand has proved so successful, that it has decided to widen its collection and implement high profile jewelleries in it. Today, Swarovski is among the elite jewellery makers in the world with high quality designs and high quality ingredients that creates a perfect blend of elegance. Swarovski has showrooms and licensed traders all around the world and Singapore is no exception from that. In our article, we will browse among the collection of Swarovski necklace sets and creations.

Swarovski uses a great deal of designers to design contemporary style necklaces and Swarovski necklace sets for its customers. The brand uses a great deal of alternative materials for its creations, which includes crystal in different forms such as crystal mesh or beautifully cut crystals and crystals cast in metal. The forms and shapes of its necklace creations greatly vary from effortlessly sophisticated to richly decorated types. The collections of Swarovski necklace creations include Atelier that includes designs from Hariri & Hariri (such as Sahara), Christopher Kane, and Kostas Murkudis. Its Fit Crystal Necklace collection represents beautifully shining, multilayered rhodium plated crystal necklaces for special occasions. The Hello Kitty necklace is destined for those who like a little bit of playful fashion and its Key Torque necklace is meant for special occasions and inspired by Yoko Ono. The Lake of Shimmer collection is inspired by Japanese designer Tokijin Yoshioka, each one made of rhodium-plated crystals.

The fantastic Swarovski necklace creations such as Lunar Ametyst or Spinx necklace represent beautiful gemstones included in the brand’s creations and one of the most outstanding designs is the Cherry Blossom necklace inspired by Tinkerbell. Swarovski’s Society, Sumptuous, Selma and Sincerely collections represent bigger sort of richly decorated collar style necklaces that are intended for special occasions. Swarovski necklace sets include the following outstanding collections: Starlight, Rice Provence, Sensation, Merry, Lala and Angelic Light Azore sets among many others. Swarovski refreshes its collections regularly, always paying attention to the celebrations around the corner to come up with the best gift ideas.

Apart from the beautiful Swarovski necklace creations, you can find outstanding rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and brooches in the jewellery collection of the brand. For those who cannot afford the expensive jewellery, Swarovski also offers a cheaper range of jewellery in its accessories collections. The brand also offers an extensive range of men’s collection, Watches, Sunglasses, Home Accessories and it’s trademark Figurines collections.

In Singapore, Swarovski is very trendy and the brand has several showrooms all across the city. You can find Swarovski necklace collections at Ion Orchard, Tampines, Marina Bay Sands, Parkway Parade and Great World City. Apart from the downtown boutiques, Swarovski has multiple stores at the Singapore International Airport, having one for each three terminals.

Singapore is a fantastic city when it comes to jewellery shopping. With the beautiful collections of Swarovski necklace, the variety of exclusive jewellery has tremendously grown, and now, it is time for you to explore the outstanding offers of Swarovski.

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