The Amazing Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast is one of the recreational areas in Namibia. It is found in the northern part of the country, in the Kunene region. The Skeleton coast is a generally flat area. Rocky outcrops, gravel plains, and high sand dunes are surrounding the area.

The Skeleton Coast is divided into two parts: the first part was declared as the Skeleton Coast National Park, and the second part is the National West Coast Recreation Area. The Skeleton Coast National Park takes most of the area. Half of the northern part of the park is where the wildlife is active. There are also interesting features in this area such as the clay castle of Hoarisib, the Seal Colony, and the Agate Mountain. Some of the animals seen in the Skeleton Cost National Park are baboons, black rhinoceros, giraffes, springbok, lions and elephants.

One of the exciting things to do for a Namibia travel vacation is to visit the safaris in this country. Namibia has many safaris offered to their tourists. The Skeleton Coast is one of the destinations in Namibia where you can have an excellent safari adventure. The Skeleton Coast has 4 Safari Itineraries where most Namibia travel guides bring their visitors. The First Safari offered in the Skeleton Coast is the Skeleton Coast Safari which takes four days and three nights, starting from Windhoek and a visit to the Skeleton Coast, Hoarusib Valley, and the Kunene River. The second safari in Skeleton Coast is the Skeleton Coast Safari combined with Sossusvlei, the third safari is the Skeleton Coast Safari combined with Sossusvlei and the {Etosha National Park}, and the last safari is the Skeleton Coast Safari combined with Sossusvlei, Namibrand Nature Reserve and Luderitz.

The Skeleton Coast is very famous among the fishermen, especially during the month of December. In the Torra Bay, wonderful sea creatures are seen during this time such as Benguela dolphins, humpback whales, and killer whales.

For a great Namibia travel accommodation, you can try to visit the Skeleton Coast Camp. It is located within the Skeleton Coast Park. This place has made a wonderful landscape out of the whale bones and some pieces of the wrecked ships. Canyons, springs, and sand dunes are also wonderful features in this camp. The accommodation in the Skeleton Coast Camp consists of 6 bedrooms and suite bathrooms. Other facilities provided are bars, lounges, and dining areas which offer an extensive view of the desert. The freshwater springs in this area attracts some wildlife animals like elephants, springbok, emsbok, giraffe, brown hyenas, ostrich, and Hartmann’s mountain zebra. Cheetahs and lions occasionally visit the place too.

The Skeleton Coast got its name during the active times of the whaling industry. Bones of seals and bleached whales covered the whole place. There are also skeletal shipwrecks found in the area. This is causing bad reputation to the place. But for a fair evaluation of the Skeleton Coast, you should personally see it. You will see that you cannot judge the place just merely by its name. And you can prove to yourself that the Skeleton Cost is also now one of the most visited places in Namibia.

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