Where To Buy Gold Watches in Singapore

Precious metals have always played a big role in the watch making the premiere watches are still those that contain high quantity of gold and gold alloys. Nowadays, next to classic yellow gold watches you can get timepieces made out of white, rose or pink gold even. The gold watches for sure always stay fashionable and luxurious. Let us see what the chances are for us to see great gold watches in Singapore.

Yet, gold is a metal which is definitely too soft for holding together a watch properly. Most of the gold watches therefore feature 18K gold, which is hard enough to be resistant to softer scratches or pushes. The gold alloys are also normally representing a gold content of 18K and if the gold content is higher than it is normally represented at such places, where the possibility for it to get scratched or damaged is lower. All the luxury watches makers, most of which are from either Switzerland or France deal with high quality gold watches. The vintage and antique gold pocket watches represent a huge value because thanks to the larger measures the quantity of gold used for such watches is also larger. Yet, the price mostly depends on the brand and the quality.

Jewellery watches and women’s watches are the most likely to represent high quantity of gold, together with diamonds. If you visit HJ Watches and Jewellery in Singapore, which sells second hand watches of high quality and in extreme quantities you can see how many ways gold is used for the making of high quality gold watches. Rolex has lots of different gold watches just like the new GMT Master or the professional Perpetual Yacht Master. Most of its gold watches though feature rather white gold as it is more suitable to wear for men in its outlooks. Gold has great advantage over silver, as Gold is non-corrosive, which means that although white gold watches may look like silver, but their colour is guaranteed not to change and their shine will not go paler with time. Of course, there gold Rolex models are priced well over 25.000 SGD which is about the same as USD. If you are looking for the most beautiful ladies gold watches, it’s really worth visiting the stores of Sincere and Cortina Haute Horlogerie which you can find along the popular shopping road the Orchard Road and they are also represented in most of the elegant Singapore shopping malls too. Also, do not miss the chance to visit Cartier because its gold watches are world famous and Cartier is among the few with the most extensive collection of gold watches and jewellery watches. If you want to see the most beautiful vintage gold watches in Singapore don’t miss to visit the Heirloom Gallery which has the most beautiful (and most expensive) collections also exhibited for everyone to take a look at them.

Of course there are so many brands which could mention here which have some of the most beautiful collections of gold watches, such Patek Philippe, Omega, Breuget, Audemars Piquet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Gigard Perregaux and we could go on. All their gold watches cost a fortune but you can be sure that they will last forever, if they are taken care of properly. In Singapore you can find all these extreme quality watches and even, you can get a tax refund when going back home.

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