The City of Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a city found in Namibia, South Africa. It is located in the southern west coat of Africa and serves as the main port of the country. The Walvis Bay has a direct access to main shipping routes, which makes it a gateway for international traders to go back and forth into the city to make transactions. Walvis Bay is the largest commercial port in Namibia. It handles about 5 million tons of cargos. The Walvis Bay has 3, 875 slots for containers. Many developmental activities for businesses in Namibia take place in the port of Walvis Bay.

The municipality of Walvis Bay has about 50,000 citizens. It is one of the busiest towns in Namibia. The employment rate in this town is quite high because of the presence of harbor terminals and the progressive fishing industry. Production of salt from the sea is also one of the thriving industries in this town.

Aside from the main town, there are also other tourist attractions in Walvis. That is why many tourists never forget to visit Walvis Bay when they are on a Namibia travel vacation. The natural lagoon is one of the special attractions in Walvis Bay. The abundance of seabirds in this lagoon is overwhelming. Up to 120,000 birds are living in this lagoon. Every year, this number reaches up to 200,000 because they are joined by other migratory birds. The common birds seen in the lagoon are pelicans and flamingoes.

Another tourist attraction in Walvis Bay is the local Museum. It is truly worth a visit when you are on your Namibia travel vacation especially in Walvis Bay. The Birdlife Information Center, the Mission Church, and good hotels and restaurants are also a part of the town’s tourist attractions.

For a Namibia travel great adventure, Walvis Bay also offers the most exciting activities to be done. One of the unique adventures in Walvis Bay is a drive to the Sandwich Harbour, which is a 48 kilometer drive. The Sandwich Harbour is a freshwater lagoon which is surrounded by dunes.

Bird viewing is another adventure in Walvis Bay. It serves as a feeding ground for 50 species of birds. Common birds seen in this area are the chestnut-banded plover, flamingos, Damara terns, sea gulls, cormorants and pelicans. This site is great for bird lovers. The Guano Platform is also a great spot in Walvis Bay which serves as a nesting perch to thousands of birds.

Sea Kayaking is also a part of the adventures offered in Walvis Bay. This activity requires a tour guide. This trip will let you witness and see different water animals such as bottle-nosed dolphins, water birds, leather back turtles, whales and seals. The whales and turtles are however seen occasionally.

Walvis Bay is also known as a good place for outdoor sports such as angling, golf, kiting, sailing, sand boarding, surfing, and swimming. During the months of December, Walvis Bay serves as a hosting city to some of its neighbor places to host sports events which attracts many tourists.

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